I am in the middle of a casual sandals refresh. My current collection is here (first nine pairs in the Finds), the first four pairs are new, bought in the past month, and the other five are super old, 5-6 years or more. I have purged a lot of old sandals for various reasons. I have more sandals, which have higher heels and are dressier, however those serve a different purpose and are not counted here. I am very demanding on my casual sandals, as I expect them to be comfy enough for 2h urban walk, and my feet are medium-fussy. I cannot do backless (slides, mules), straps between the toes (thongs), very high heels, thin heels, or completely flat flats. Even my sandals that appear flat actually have tiny little wedge ( e.g. the black Miz Mooz). I am really enjoying the current trend of small platforms with small wedge heels, as those are extremely comfy for me. That is why now is a perfect timing for me for sandal refresh.

I have bought four new pairs so far this season, tan snake and pewter gladiator were lemming-ed from Janet. The black Miz Mooz pair is on it's way to me.
Out of the 5 old pairs, the off-white gladiators are MVPs, I have worn them to death and do not intend to part with them. Two of the pairs are on probation - I intend to wear each of them at least three times before making a final decision on keeping. They are the black Kelsie Daggers, which I wore once this summer and they felt uncomfortably flat, and the tan Sofft gladiators which I have not worn in quite a few years because I always reach for the tan Sam Edelmans.

I am hoping to get a few more pairs, to add some color/texture, however that is optional at this point. I really want a light blue pair, and have identified three candidates below, and am curious which one you prefer. Feel free to suggest other candidates. Also curious if you have experience with shoe brands Bueno and Comfortiva, as those are new to me.

Some other colors/options I am considering are: blush/rose gold, navy, teal/turquoise, and any shade of purple ( my accent colors this summer are light blue, teal/turquoise, and purple). I have attached some pairs that have caught my attention, but not making any choices about them now. I keep changing my mind on the purple Naots - love the metallic purple leather, but not sure if the style is too classic for me. (I would obviously not get all of these, one or two at most).