I'm off to California later this week - to the Bay Area, for 10 nights. Activities include rather casual holiday celebrations (nice top and jeans okay), a memorial service for which I've been told to wear bright colors, and some light hiking, including an overnight in Monterey/Carmel to go to Point Lobos. I will also be teleworking from for two days after Christmas, and will want to be as casual and comfortable as possible for those days. I expect to be dining in the family home most

nights, except when my in laws take us to Point Lobos.

-I tried to pack in a variety of festive items. I need to feel festive right now. It hasn't been the best Christmas season, but Christmas is usually a time when I recharge and reset my emotions (yeah, I know that's the opposite of most folks).

-We've discussed the memorial service outfit before in a separate post. I am going to wear the pink and red houndstooth sweater, likely with the velvet jeans.

-I think I'm settled on just bringing one jacket. Lows in the mid-40's overnight, and high's in the high 50's during the day. Some rain, for which a shell would probably be better, but I'd rather not deal with a second coat. . My other option is a purple tri-climate coat (so a fleece jacket and a weather resistant shell than can be worn separately or together). I am doing more family stuff than sightseeing, which will mean I will be in a car rather than walking in the elements, except when we hike. ETA - per advice below, I remembered I have a very lightweight rain jacket I can bring; added custom Find below. I'd have to layer under it though. Switched in the polar bear sweater below for extra festive warmth, and accordingly switched out a casual striped top.

-Shoe choices can't really change - these are the most comfortable for my back issues. I may switch out the gold sneakers for metallic flats, but they'd be inside only shoes (or house-car-destination shoes). This will depend partly on how well a dress shoe Superfeet insole I expect to receive today works.

-I usually pack a dress just in case, but I think I can dress up enough with what I have here.

-I will probably wear the Bowie tee, black cardigan, dark blue jeans and the chelsea boots on the plane.

-Not shown - festive red plaid blanket scarf (no find), sleep tee and leggings, layering cami, various other sparkly jewelry.

I'm pretty happy with this but appreciate feedback on the outerwear situation, and whether I need warmer layers.