Some of you probably remember that I was looking for a pair of super-casual boots earlier this season to replace my old Blundstones that had always been too big on me (and that my daughter had permanently "borrowed," anyway.)

I got some great suggestions. I particularly liked gryffin's suggestion to hunt for a pair of paddock boots, and I think I may still do that to add to the casual boot collection! (Thanks, gryffin).

A number of people also wondered why the heck my Aquatalia Sweeties wouldn't serve this role. I didn't really have an answer to that; it just felt as if the Aquatalias were too "good" for the purpose I had in mind. (Mainly light hiking and tramping through parks on the way to my gym.)

My update: I tried the super fun kids' Blundstones with the pink inset that LisaP recommended (#1 in Finds), but alas, they don't come in my size. So I ended up going down a size in the brogue style chisel toes.

This style turned out to be a good choice. They fit more snugly than most because the brogue styling adds an extra piece of leather, which was actually a benefit to me. I had to try a few pairs, but managed to find a good fit in the new smaller size. They are a bit difficult to get on and off, but that is usual with this style until it's fully broken in.

Meanwhile, I also brought the Sweeties out of hibernation and I've been wearing those like crazy as well!

In fact, over the last two weeks, I've worn each boot at least six times.

So clearly I wasn't imagining a need for this type of footwear. I had a real hole and the boots will earn back their cost. It's nice to have the option between the slightly more "citified" quilt-detailed black boot, and the shorter, dark taupe-y brown nubuck boot.

So, all's well that ends well, and as Angie would say, all sorted!