I regularly carry my laptop with me (every work day). And I am constantly looking for bags, totes, backpacks big enough to accommodate the device and it's friends: mouse, charger, paperwork, and all other stuff. I look down common laptop bags for their ugliness I buy big totes and use a padded sleeve to protect the precious thing, in case off accidental hit or drop. But these poor bags get worn quickly and loose their shape because of all that weight
And carrying it on my shoulder is not good for my back. But I am not sure if this big (A4 paper format at very least) backpack can look stylish.
Do any of you have found a way of taking your laptop with you in a effortlessly elegant way?
Or must I start a piggy bank for macbook air?

Below is my current laptop bag, maybe I should look for something made of sturdy leather not suede?