A couple of years ago I was considering (and asked the forum for help) getting a new work tote to carry my laptop. In the end I found an old laptop bag and purchased a second hand furla - which I love!!

But my system is not quite working for me for the following reasons:
1) The laptop bag is a bit scruffy and dated and not quite right. This did not matter in 2020 but in 2021 it is starting to matter.
2) I have started bike commuting one day a week so a backpack would work better ( it is a 30km round trip).
3) I want a bag that fits my laptop and all my gear. For meetings and formal occasions I will use my Furla handbag. For conferences and general days I can use a stylish backpack.

I think I am going to get a Bellroy bag (Australian brand) that specialise in this type of gear. I am leaning to the Melbourne backpack as in the photo (probably in black though).

In doing some research I found a new acronym (EDC - every day carry), youtube channels dedicated to the carry market, and a whole lot of tech pouches and information that was a whole new world to me.

My sons and husband seem determined for me to be higher tech than my normal inclinations are to be, so I have apple earbuds, wireless headphones for zoom calls, Alexa Echo, a laptop and a phone.... The Echo will stay at home. But the rest come to and from work with me.

A few questions:

1) Do you use tech pouches for chargers, earbuds etc to keep them organised?
2) Does anyone have a laptop backpack they love? I think I need 20L size at least - I am tall so won't be dwarfed by this.
3) If I wear this backpack with this tech in it and ride my e-bike (handed on by my Dad who sadly can't ride it any more) am I a cliche?

And one of the videos I watched showed the capacity of the bag by how many craft beer cans he could fit in the bag. That made me laugh - although I think we have peached peak beard/craft beer/hipster and are sliding into mullets and shags with seltzers and no- alcohol tonics?

This post is very tongue in cheek if you can't guess......

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