Hi Caro --

Loved your story and hope you'll have a wonderful time exploring your beautiful palette!

I'm someone who preferred lots of neutrals until I found colors that made me look better vs worse, ha. Will look forward to seeing if/how you create outfits that pull heavily from your color-colors and/or end up wowing in "your" neutrals.

@Vix, that is a huge, HUGE reason why I heavily wear neutrals. I'd rather wear a neutral than an unflattering color (not that neutrals can't be unflattering too). Of course, neutrals also play together so well, but there is nothing stopping me from buying something like a stand-alone dress in a color-color. Except the fact that I can't find a dress that also fits, flatters, has the right style vibe, covers most of the important parts of my anatomy, etc, etc. And then there's that tiny problem that I don't actually like all of "my" colors because of their associations. So that narrows my choice even more.

Sorry to derail, Caro!

Vix, I didn't know that you used to be a neutral wearer, it's so interesting. You have me thinking, am I really a neutral person or only one by default? Time will tell, I'm really excited to explore these colours

cc - I could have written your response pre this colour analysis. No derailment imo, For me style, cut & fit have always trumped colour but it would be wonderful if they could all come together for us If you don't mind me asking, which of your colours don't you like?

Hi Caro! BTW I wrote a longer comment at the bottom of page 2--I don't know if you went back that far.

I'm not wild about purple or green in general. My mother and one of my sisters have always worn those colors to death, and wore them together a lot. The really dusty grape-purple I've been given has been around the past few years, often in prints with black and grey, and I don't like the general feel of that color combination. I wore periwinkle ad nauseum back in the 90's and I'm kind of done with it. A lot of people can wear that color fairly well I think. It's true I can wear certain greens, as well as certain browns, but I have to be very, very careful they don't contain too much yellow, or they are death to my complexion.

The other thing, which I've mentioned around the forum before, is that I associate some colors with certain seasons. Even though I love a turquoise blue, I have a hard time wearing that color in F/W. Conversely, I love a mulberry color for F/W, but it's not a favorite of mine for Summer. Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted as much of my wardrobe to be seasonless as possible, especially since I've been trying to upgrade it a bit. If I'm going to invest in a cashmere scarf, for instance, I don't want to feel funny wearing on an airplane in August (ETA high Summer--forgot you were in Oz). I want it to look good with black as well as white (I'm weird in that I don't like pairing a whole lot of colors with black, even though black supposed to "go" with everything).

That leaves me pretty much with denim blue and my neutrals: charcoal,/black, ink/navy, taupe/khaki, and cream/white. Light and medium grey look okay with my skin and eyes, but I don't like it against the blonde streaks in my hair. I'm sure I'll revisit it when I'm completely silver. I'm jealous of the neutrals in your palette, it seems like you have a disproportionate share of them, and you get olive/sage, you lucky duck!

So sorry, I missed your previous post cc. Thanks for the link - it's a beautiful palette.

I understand where you are coming from with colour now - much more clearlyclaire

I think the ss turquoise in this group would be a great all-year round colour for a scarf:


Not too summery for winter & would look great with your neutrals. I think the ss palette is so beautiful & feminine.

And yes I'm VERY happy about sage I have some already & always felt great wearing it

No problem Caro, thanks for conversing with me so long! Thanks for that link. That is a lovely shade of turquoise, and leaning towards blue.

I really appreciate your thoughts Claire