Here's my ootd for the dog park, nice sushi lunch with the fam, and working on the garage with mom. Weather in the 60s. All but the shoes were new this year.
Cargos! I tried these on in store at ON and liked them, but a tad long even with heels. Ordered the petites, which are just right. They're nice and drapy and feel dressy enough.
BR top- mentioned in my short sleeve post.
Jewelry and bag all from ETSY- gotta have my exotic outfit elements! I had actually lost the ring for about a month, but found it Friday night in my work cart! The earrings finally arrived after like 6 weeks stuck in England post, and I'm enjoying them. The bag I'm sure I wrote about before.
Shoes- Birks for dog park and at home, black sandals for restaurant.

Transitional weather casual outfits have historically been difficult, because I had so rarely needed them, but happy with this