I needed a break from shopping for light fixtures, paint colors, and faucets...so I checked out my favorite local boutique last week. I tried on a few things, and some looked nice (some were truly not for me!). But after some thought and looking at my closet, I chose two to come home with me. Both are what I'd consider elevated essentials. One is a denim jacket -- the Janelle from L'Agence. I've tried on a few denim jackets lately. Other than my upside-downable jacket, which is a really specific style, I haven't invested in a more classic denim jacket in nearly a decade. My old ones are below:

- I rarely wear the Paige two-toned one anymore (waves at my jacket twin Angie), and somehow it keeps escaping the donate pile because it looks nice when I try it on, so I keep it in the holding zone. I'm not sure it's me anymore.
- the white jacket was bought at Bloomingdales in NYC on a YLF meetup with Angie, nearly 10 years ago! I wear it in warmer weather. It's very classic and fitted, and doesn't button now (I was 1-2 sizes smaller then), but I rarely close jackets anyway). It may be time to update, although it still looks good for a classic fitted jacket
- the Levis deconstructed trucker jacket is fun, but it has a seam across the elbow in the sleeve that makes it not so comfortable to wear unless I layer it over sleeves, and even then, I still feel it. So I have mixed feelings on it. Maybe some day I'll cut the sleeves off and make it a vest.
- I also have an old Mavi denim jacket in a light blue distressed wash. It's also over a decade old and fits a lot like the white one. I wear it a lot in the warmer weather when it's not too hot, and it's great for travel. Great for popping over a dress or skirt too because the length is good.

So I pulled the trigger on the L'Agence denim jacket in the first find. It's very stretchy, which I like for a jacket (not as much for jeans). Super comfortable, and gently fitted. Not too boxy, not too slim. I already cut the tags and wore it on Saturday over a graphic tee with my black cargo joggers and heeled booties.

I also got the black button-front Lilla P top in Finds. It's very oversized, so I bought it to fit closer than it does on the model (I got a XS), for a less boxy appearance. It's pleasantly drapey and light, and will be nice for summer when I want a black top that's not a basic tee.

So I'm being careful in shopping these days to add only things that I know I will wear. Updates on old classic favorites like denim jackets and black tops are a good bet! I have lots of great stuff already and am trying to enjoy what I have, remixing and rewearing!