I'm notorious for wearing sleeves. I rarely feel comfortable bearing my arms (they are never in shape enough and for the life of me I cannot rid the underarm "shadow" even after a clean shave). My office tends to be chilly so that helps support my addiction.

I have resorted to a closet full of cardigans in every length and color...but sometimes I feel like these are too frumpy or not appropriate. I've been trying to find cropped jackets/blazers instead to wear. However, some of these make me feel bulkier and bloated. Any suggestions on sites or brands that have the best options?

I do live on a fixed income so please be mindful of prices. Ideally the perfect jacket would be versatile over a dress or a skirt or even with jeans. I'm on the shorter side (5'1") and have recently gained some weight. I'm back on a diet and light exercise but any tips on what to wear for a slimming effect are also appreciated!