I find travel capsule posts helpful, and so I’ll share mine. That said, it’s not done. (Also, I’m posting too much lately, but then I’ll be gone for a while!)

We are going to Madrid, Seville and Granada, with ten nights total in the ground.

Things to remember:

1. I pack carry on only, no exceptions and I won’t be talked out of it.

2. Looks like temps will be anywhere from 60-70 F during the day, and down to 40’s as a low. This likely means more like 50’s when I’m out in the evenings. There is some rain expected but not a lot.

3. Due to make back injury I don’t expect activity beyond as much walking as I can tolerate.

4. I have opted against my hiking boots since getting those magical Born boots, which I posted separately about. I expect them to work with the dress if I want to wear it. The other two shoes are backup options. The metallic sneakers could be fun at night. I am set on those three shoes and don’t expect to change.

5. No time for laundry but will have the ability to hand wash delicates etc.

6. There is a slim chance I will need the bathing suit at one of my hotels.

7. Not shown: sleeping clothes of leggings and tee, tapering plain tank top, tights, and underthings. Also I’ll have a scarf and gloves, plus something to cover my ears (lightweight beanie or headband)

1. I am stuck on outwear. I don’t want to bring the purple tri-climate jacket, which is the most sensible option because it’s 3 in 1. It’s more gear looking than the rest of what I am packing. I may prefer the army green jacket, with a packable light puffer for evenings (on order from Amazon, so it may or may not work out). Neither is great for rain, but not tons of rain is expected. The army green jacket is roomy enough to layer the blue long cardigan or grey jacket underneath, too.

2. How many jeans? I see the black jeans as a casual evening option with the blouses, as the length is fine with all those shoes. And the blue skinnies are coming. I’d like one of the other three options, ideally but am having trouble deciding.

3. I always pick too many tops. I’ll probably leave something out once I actually pack. This is a work in process.(The red and black ticks out like a sore thumb but will match all the jeans.)

4. I ordered the plain black version of the striped cropped ribbed top from BR and am probably likely to switch the two.

Any feedback is appreciated! I’m not leaving until Thur night.

ETA: Final choices. Not shown - emerald green pashmina, tights, pj’s and a basic tank top for layering. I didn’t even have to use the expansion option for my roll aboard!

Plane outfit - dark skinny jeans from AT, black cardigan from AT, Love First tee, and Chelsea boots.

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