Hi everyone! I'm heading south to NOLA for a long weekend (3 days) this coming week. Temps will be 60-80 F (that's the entire temperature range for each day), and rain is predicted for one day. I have never been there. We will be there before Jazz Fest starts, so muddy festival grounds aren't a factor. I will give some background on the trip and my packing plans, and then I have a couple of questions about what to include or exclude.

Things to know:
-I may wear the leather jacket with the blue sweater on the plane, as it will be kind of cold in NYC when I leave. I may choose a different warm jacket to bring, though, but I run cold and need something substantial for travel.
-I am bringing a denim jacket that's not pictured here, in a medium blue wash. I'll also bring leggings for sleep and exercise (paired with the Led Zep tee) and maybe a coverup for the swimsuit. I have a light raincoat to add (no find)
-We will be walking a lot (as much as more sore back allows), hence the hiking boots, which look like hi-tops and are the best things for my feet and back. The other two pairs are also supportive and will work for nicer evening outfits.

-We don't plan on going to any very fancy places to eat. However, my husband and I will be celebrating his 40th at a restaurant that's good but skews casual; the jumpsuit or dress will work for that setting.
-Clothing wise, I  like to have some options to choose from that mix and match (I don't plan out each day), but I don't  like to over pack either. I plan to fill a large carry-on suitcase.

-I don't need 4 pairs of jeans (the blue floral sweater picture is actually find for those jeans). Which 2 should I take? I doubt white is a good idea, since I'm clumsy and will be drinking.... but it's appealing in theory since it will be warm. The fringe bottom jeans have yet to arrive and may not work on me at all, but I'm open to bringing them if they do. So that would leave me with the cropped black ones and the faded blue casual ones.
Will the black ones be too hot if I wear them during the day?

-Do I have the right variety of tops and layers? I could probably stand to delete one of the short sleeved tops.

-Am I missing anything? (As I said, we aren't going to any of the very dressy restaurants.)

ETA: capsule editied down below. Not pictured- sleep leggings, denim jacket, very light rain jacket, tank top for layering under sweater. Switched the kimono for one that will go with more tops, and switched a printed top for a solid. The jeans I’ll decide between later this week. There may still be a couple too many items but I don’t mind too much.