I always enjoy reading about what people pack for trips, so I thought I'd share my plans for an upcoming trip. I'm attending a conference sponsored my company. Here's the plan - any suggestions? Tips on Baltimore?

I'll wear the same Munro booties with all these outfits.
Day 1 - Travel all day coast to coast, starting far too early in the morning.
Super comfy flat waistband pants, black and white popover top and black vest.

Day 2 - Attend workshops
Black and white floral dress, hose TBD (maybe black with subtle dots?)

Day 3 - Present at conference, and help host an evening social
Grey suit with teal blouse

Day 4 - Half day of workshops, followed by lonnnng flight home
Same as Day 1, with with silk striped shirt

My team has a custom of changing into jeans in the evenings to go out, so I'm also bringing some Jag jeans and another top or two - can't decide between the black striped top and the turquoise popover. I really shouldn't need both...

Not shown are a pair of turquoise Montrail sneakers - I'll bring those for exercising and can wear with my jeans if my feet want a change.

The suit was an NAS purchase in 2014, several of the blouses and the vest were from the 2015 NAS. It makes me happy that these purchases have been serving me well!