ETA: the second half of my capsule didn't post the first time but it's all here now.

Hi everyone,

I am off to a family summer home on Lake Michigan this weekend, for just over a week. It's an annual tradition. We dress up a little for dinner each night, but otherwise it's super casual. I have a back injury so I can't do much sporty stuff this year, but I can swim and do very light hiking (not the kind that needs boots).

I have too many tops in this capsule.  I'll probably decide among them as I pack. I will add a plain colored tank top that I can also sleep in or layer under things (also not pictured: workout gear and Le Sportsac crossbody).

The button down linen shirt doubles as a coverup. So does the cream paisley dress, which I also plan to use as my nightgown.

I plan to bring the classic Tevas and probably leave them in the house as water shoes. I don't wear them at all outside of visiting Michigan. I am deciding between the other shoes, but the Vionics and the Naots are the best for my back issues, and I probably need the sportier pink Tevas in case I want to do any light hiking, so it's likely the white Naturalizers are the ones that will be out.

I'm not sure whether to bring my green peplum jacket, or one of my denim jackets (white or blue). Ditto the blue jeans (find below looks like it's for a sweater) - should I instead bring white jeans I an dress up a little? I want only one pair though, and the blue linen pants already in this capsule can be dressed up or down.

Any feedback is helpful!