We are heading to Italy in about five weeks, for three weeks. We stop in Dubai on the way over for a couple of days.

We will be travelling around independantly, by train, bus and car some of the time. We are staying mostly in apartments and will have access to laundry facilities. Activities will include sightseeing, walking, family activities etc..

The temps will vary from 30C in Dubai down to 10 C overnight in Italy, but mostly be about 18 C during the day. Spring is variable temperature wise so I do need to cover a range.

I want to travel lightly because we are moving around. I will likely do laundry every five days or so.

This is what I definitely think I need:

Footwear - sneakers/trainers, cream Oxfords, Black EF Sandals, flip flops
Gear - two pairs leggings, two tops, one hoodie, one rain jacket (no finds), one swimsuit
Pants - black soft pants, jeans x 1, gap
Skirt - black floral
Tees/tops - striped tee, black floral cami, black tee, blush silky tee, gap
Jackets - gold bomber
Knitwear - navy sweater
Scarf - one large soft one
Dress - Gap

Finds in this post are the ones I think are definites. No finds for the gear including the sneakers and the flip flops.

In the next post are the ones I am considering.

I am looking for distractions today definitely.