Thanks, everyone! Very good thoughts. Appreciate you chiming in

To answer your questions:

Donna F and Jenava, I've done the outfit creation sessions, and both the white and bone work equally well! Both are a seamless match with my clothes and bags. The styles too. BOTH gorgeous and no-brainers. Good questions, though.

kkards, the pics are a bit deceiving, I'm afraid! The PG's are much dressier in person. Not a dupe. Very shiny and patent. I need a flat dressy pair of shoes to wear with my formal capsule - and these are them. The Carvelas are a lot more casual, so to your point - they are the everyday version of the PG's

JenniNZ, I like that you thought of Sam and Jo! I can stride as easily in the Carnvelas, as I can in the Hispanitas. So torn!

Both are lovely but I like the fit of Hispanitas on your feet more, at least what I can observe on the photos. But they look slightly more casual. Your style is dressy and crisp, the first pair fits better that description. Oh, I’m no help

I prefer #1. I think it’s the stitching on the front looks nicer to me. Terrierists very very cute.

What Jenn said so well.

It might be worth getting both. You could alternate so they last longer (an old nurse trick).
They are equally attractive on your feet.

Personally I would go for the ones without the hardware because that’s a completely different feel. Plus bone is more forgiving than optic white and you already have optic white with the hardware. It’s a difficult decision!

The first pair. The second pair look more like moccasins, and not as dressy. Dressy is your thing.

More love for the Carvelas!

Lana, the PG's are cream - not white, so I don't have optical white with hardware, actually! Still very torn.

JAilleen, Sam and Jo agree

Catherine, I like your nurse's trick!

Brooklyn, it is!

I need to show hubs Greg tomorrow....

I vote for pic 1! I love the accent of the gold buckle.

Are you okay with the rubber heel and sole on the Hispanitas? I can imagine that might be a plus when walking the doggies if you’re okay with the appearance. The Hispanitas have fab stitching and a lovely rounded square toe with room for long toes, plus a higher vamp than the Carvela’s which is a good thing in my book. Plus, the Paul Greens do the loafers-with-hardware look so beautifully already. I’ve just talked myself into voting for the Hispanitas, ha!

I vote Hispinata.
Love the subtle classic vibe.

Another vote for the Hispinatas.

At first I was drawn to the. Carvelas with gold detail, but then remembered you wanted casual, so changed my mind in favor of the Hispanitas. To me they look more casual.

How about keeping both? They are a bit different in both style and color and are a staple for your style.

White is such a staple in your wardrobe that you need BOTH!! : )

I know the Carvelas are very similar to the Paul Greens, but I'd vote for them anyway because of the patent vs matte finish. So long as you'd be OK wearing them for casual events (like dog walking)?

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!

More votes for the Carvelas, yet I am still torn. I pop both pairs of shoes on, and they BOTH feel soooo right. Comfort factor is the same.

AJ and Lynette, thinking hard that I might just do that....

Zaeobi, totally good wearing either pair with doggies in tow. It's city walking - not dog park walking, IYKWIM

A bit torn - gold details are fab but the second pair has somewhat unusual quiet polished feel ( something different, a tiny bit androgynous even ).

Carvelas definitely look more like you, more dressy, but you already have a dressy pair - what a conundrum!

Thanks, everyone!

Decision made!

Hubs Greg MUCH preferred the Carvelas, and those are the ones I am keeping! He 100% agreed that they are more refined, crisp, dressy, and therefore suit me more. He said the Hispanitas looked too much like casual moccasins. So Greg high fives Brooklyn who thought exactly the same thing! Interesting

More horsey bit fabness too!

A fun read! Glad you figured it out. I got a pair of bone casual loafers last year and am enjoying them, too. They're a bit of a departure for me, though.

Well I approve since those were my faves of the two! I did think the Hispanitas were more casual, which is why I sort of imagined you dog walking in them, but since you say you can walk just as comfortably in the Carvelas that’s all good.

Thanks, Sharan! I can see bone loafers look fab with your hair.

.........and to walk the doggies in my new Carvelas......

Ha ha! High five back to Greg! Great minds and all that

too totally agree with Greg.

Nice! Agreed on the moccasin Vs loafer vibe - here's hoping the carvelas last you for years to come

Sam and Jo were very patient waiting for the decision - I hope they enjoyed their well deserved walk !

You couldn't go wrong with either choice, honestly! Now I might need to order the Hispanitas that you return, lollll!

Thanks, everyone! The Carvelas felt and looked perfect for their debut walk. Sam and Jo, happy

Brooklyn, I know, right!

Laura, my foot twin - the Hispanitas are all yours....

Yay!! Excellent decision!-) And good that Sam and Jo approve too;-)