I'm trying to replace my casual white loafers - two pairs have bitten the dust! I'm hard on shoes. Lots of walking.

They are wardrobe essentials for my Spring and Summer style. I wear them with just about anything

I've tried on many pairs, and am down to:

  • Pic #1 Carvela - beautifully made in Brazil, classic, optical white, leather sole and inner, excellent fit, extra supportive, very comfy.
  • Pic #2 Hispanita - beautifully made in Spain, trendy, bone white, rubber sole and leather inner, excellent fit, lots of room for long toes, very comfy.

Pic #3 is for context. Those are my DRESSY cream patent loafers - not every day shoes. Want to keep them special, and I have already committed to them.

*All brands are committed to sustainable and ethical practices.

*All loafers work well with dresses, pants, skirts, and jeans.

*I like wearing classic shoes as much as trendy shoes.


Sam and Jo are indecisive too!

Can you see why I'm torn. What do you think?

ETA: Hubs Greg MUCH preferred the Carvelas, and those are the ones I am keeping! He 100% agreed that they are more refined, crisp, dressy, and therefore suit me more. He said the Hispanitas looked too much like casual moccasins. So Greg high fives Brooklyn who thought exactly the same thing! Interesting