I was all set to purchase the Danier Leather ponte/leather trim leggings (find #1) and then after reading Carter's stellar review of the EF slim pants (find #2), I'm torn.

I'm wanting leggings to wear under tunics for fall/winter and so the Danier Leather leggings fill that hole. They will also add a bit of edge to my outfits with the funky leather trim. Based upon my experience with Danier items to date, the quality will be decent and I will get a lot of wear out of them. Because they are leggings after all, they are limited to be worn with tunics only.

The EF slim leg trousers that Carter has shown us so beautifully (thank you Carter!) will also work brilliantly with my fall/winter wardrobe and are probably more versatile than the leggings - could wear more like pants IYKWIM. And the quality will be stellar. I have the NYDJ leggings with the faux suede calves that could work as my leggings when I think about it.

The leggings are less expensive than the trousers and I've tried them on in person. However EF is pretty consistent in sizing when it comes to trousers for me so am not worried about ordering incorrectly.

So....the budget does not allow both of these items. In your opinion, which one will be more versatile for my wardrobe. Leather trim leggings or slim leg pants?

Yay = leather trim leggings
Nay = EF slim leg trousers

Let the voting begin!