I tried these on at Ann Taylor and was intrigued because the faux leather waistband actually kind of fit, though low, and there are pleats that don't show much due to black fabric, and tapered ankles. But, it has belt loops!

I'm thinking it's intended for that no-belt beltloop look, which I don't really like.

Could you envision a belt on top of the leather waistband? Such as a skinny belt. Or a soft black leather wider belt that just kind of hides the waistband. Or would it have to be non-leather? Don't really want to thread a scarf around my waist!

I was considering these as a "fun" pant due to the sale and style, possibly to wear with heels for going out, but the very feature I like, the waistband, has me stumped. Also it's getting out of season temperature-wise, though there will be ups and downs, and hard to know if these would still be lovable next year.