Hey Fabbers,
Can I just say how wonderful you all are? So supportive and helpful, and kind and honest. And so welcoming! I feel like I've joined the best sorority on wardrobe campus!

OK, now to business, lol. I want white pants. I don't know why, exactly, except I have always wanted white pants. I've even owned a few pairs in my life.

So, last week or so, I bought these linen/viscose wide leg pants.
I cannot figure out how to make them work.

I pinned a few things that had white pants: but on a big girl, proportioned the way I am, the whole thing just starts to look BIG and BOXY. Like a great sheet of sail is coming towards you.

So, the other night, I wandered into a place me and my budget had no right to be--a lttle boutique in the Bay. I bought a pair of NYDJ (now I know what that means! )) and an Eileen Fisher tank so I could make a "column of white."

1. I had thought I would return the linen/viscose to help finance my boutique purchases--but when I tried them on again, I nearly melted from comfort. And I think I look fine with the EF tank in them. One nasty thing: the stupid tie around the waist. Can I just rip it out or should I deal with it another way (like tucking, as I did here--and you can totally see it.)

2. The DKNY, in contrast, are tight. The saleslady assured me that this was my size--and that after a 1/2 hour of wear the 2%spandex will kick in and make them comfy. As I was wearing a skirt at the time with spandex which felt like it was falling off me (but had fit "just right" in the fitting room a few days before) I thought she might be right. Those of you with these jeans, have you found they loosen up appreciably? (There is a slight muffin top effect from the waist band of the jeans as a result. Not sure if that will be a problem given my tops are loose.)

Now--about tops. With the execption of this and one other which you haven't seen yet, all my tops end in black bands--thus, I think they probably have too much contrast for white pants of either kind. So, I really have nothing to wear with them! Ack. Should I "save" them anyway and get tops for them next summer? There is no guarantee, of course, that they will even fit next summer.

What should I do?
Return the wide legs?
Return the NYDJ?
Keep both and ask for more hours at work, lol?
Return both and wait for next year when I can buy more tops to go with them?

Any comments, suggestions, etc, welcome, of course.


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