I'd like to start a thread on our fragrance wardrobes, for those of us that enjoy wearing fragrance (since not all do.)

What scents do you like? What perfumes or other scented products do you wear regularly, or would recommend trying out?

One of my biggest surprises during the last half of 2015 was that I became really obsessed with fragrance. I have always loved to smell EVERYTHING, the same way that I touch different textures, but generally have preferred my fragrances subtle (minimal sillage, where you have to be pretty close to me to smell it) and on the whole I was more into fragrant, flavored teas, scented candles, and lotions/body butters than perfumes. That changed this year, maybe because I needed a great scent on my body in the midst of immense stress and depression.

My standby perfumes for years have been Hanae Mori Butterfly (on me, the vanilla and spices are what come through the most rather than the fruit) and Burberry Brit (when I want something playful, citrus based that starts off a bit too sweet when first applied but the sugar matures into a creamy vanilla and amber.)

Scents that have grabbed me recently:

  • Laura Mercier Tarte au Citron: Like a caramelized lemon pastry, a creamy and slightly burnt citrus.
  • Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia: This is totally the wrong time of year for this scent, but I think I'll wear it often in the spring. It's very crisp and sparkly, heavy on the pear.
I've also enjoyed some of the limited edition Lush perfumes that I got my hands on:
  • Lord of Misrule: Vanilla, patchouli (which I normally REALLY hate), and black pepper. Sounds utterly bizarre, but the vanilla comes out mysterious, deep, and spicy, and it's totally wearable.
  • Rose Jam: Really fresh rose with a citrus undertone. It smells like you're next to a rose bush, maybe with a lemon tree nearby. Nothing musty or powdery about it.
  • Twilight: Lavender with ylang ylang and tonka bean, creating a really creamy, malty, sweet scent.
  • Yog Nog: Spicy cloves and caramel, with a chocolate fudge undertone.
  • Frozen: Tart grapefruit softened by neroli and orange blossom. This is another one I can see wearing a lot in spring/summer.
Since I'm clearly digging gourmand fragrances, here are a few others I'm thinking of trying:
  • Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant (very spicy with many notes; this review makes my mouth water thinking of some of my favorite spiced teas.)
  • Demeter Library of Fragrance Egg Nog: What I'm hoping will be an inexpensive way to evoke the spicy and buttery caramel fragrance I love in Lush Yog Nog, based on the reviews.
  • Pacifica Mexican Cocoa: Again, the spiciness sounds intriguing and it's incredibly affordable.
  • Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille, supposedly an excellent mature, musky vanilla perfume.