Sorry, this is long but explanatory of my thought process...

After my big handbag purge of 2014, I've been very selective about adding to my newly-edited collection. I have added the finds below, over the last 6 months, and I love these bags.

I've been wanting an option that is not black, yet goes with a lot of outfits -- something in a faux neutral or a muted metallic. I've also considered adding a burgundy or dark green or teal bag, but I think a more neutral bag will be a wiser choice, and I have seen zero interesting burgundy or dark green bags. I already have a nice little selection of bolder, more colorful bags. I want something that "goes" with almost anything, for winter especially.

Well, today I wandered into the Coach store, even though I've been off of Coach recently. But I know they have a new designer and I thought I'd check it out.

Well, there were some intriguing items! The one that is most interesting me is a dark muted metallic bronzey-purpley color. It's dark enough and an indeterminate enough color that I think it reads quite neutral, but not boring. (My first association with this color is that it happens to be the same as one of my most flattering shades of eyeshadow!)

I also liked these other two gunmetal and muted gold bags. But I have a bag with the same shape as the gold one, and the gunmetal one seems almost a little too plain, like it lacks some presence or something.

The pics with me are awful because the background was so bright -- I include them just to show scale.

I'd love to know what you all think!

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