Magenta is a rich and sophisticated looking color. I think it would look excellent on you but if you are in doubt, perhaps you should consider trying something in a store, and then post pictures so we can see and offer our true impressions..

Almost ... I’d say this runs a little more towards a dark orchid

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I love this color and used to wear a lot of it! I don't think it's something I'd add to my regular wardrobe right now, but I'd put it in my gear capsule in a flash, if it starts showing up in those collections. I love having bright, happy gear colors, because it helps motivate me in the morning, and makes it easier for me to be seen when hiking.

Still thinking about these colours. Tempted to add a pair of Allbirds in this vibrant "tourmaline":

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La Ped - this is the perfect way to add this colour into the mix. A tomboy style of shoe is a nice juxtaposition with the pretty colour. Perfect for school too!

I love magenta and fuchsia and would definitely add those colors to my wardrobe. They would go great with all my black and grey bottoms.

This got me thinking about an outfit formula with red boots. You can do this with magenta as well. Fun with a neutral outfit.

Thank you for the encouragement, Bijou! I think you're dead right. The idea of a sporty, tomboy shoe in a feminine colour is very appealing to me due to the juxtaposition.

Adriana and Sara L: This is my thinking too. I have lots of neutral bottoms -- black, grey, olive, navy, denim -- that would all look great with a pop of magenta. I love red shoes too and this seems like a fun twist.

Those allbirds are so cute in magenta. I’d love some pop of magenta or bright pink somewhere in my wardrobe, though it’s not anything I’m looking for.

A small jacket in an unusual color can be surprisingly easy too, over a neutral outfit, and it comes off once you're inside. It's kind of a more sporty look, like the fluorescent true outdoor company down jackets people have been wearing.

I love some of those finds and the Allbirds!

I find it hard to distinguish

Hot pink
Shocking pink

I like the warmer toned ones best of all. However my 2012 underarmour hoodie in magenta is about my most worn garment of all time... and I have some lightweight adidas trainers in this colour too.

Pink is very commonly worn here by men too - my 17 year old wears muted pinks and looks fab in them,

This color would be stunning on you!

Not my best color but I am currently wearing a print hand-me-down top with a significant amount of it. Magically works with a watermelon tourmaline bead bracelet I got at a pre-worn jewelry sale fundraiser for $1.00 (and did not know what I would wear it with). And with a little worn pair of unknown type semi-precious drop earrings.

Those are happy! I like pink trainers to be less tomboy for the gym

I love magenta, though I wear a more muted, less intense version. It is one of my happy colors.

I love a fuschia/magenta in accents like a handbag or a loafer.

FWIW, I remember Angie saying eons ago that the way to mix a bright like magenta or teal with black yet avoid looking overly 80s was to add a second neutral like a gray to the mix.

J’adore this color and those allbirds would be perfect! I like magenta when it hits right better purple and pink, so it could compliment both. Also looks fantastic with gray, cream or navy which can ground it. I like it as an unexpected color - makes me happy and projects that feeling to others as well.

Definitely a fan, both for gear and "street" clothing. Finds are a couple of years old (I think). I like it best when the magenta item is the star of the show, combined with some navy, grey, black. I like color but don't want too much going on at the same time.

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I love both! Very excited they're coming back! I've had lots of items in my wardrobe in all of these pink/purple shades and have fond memories of them getting a lot of wear. Just had a flash back to a magenta crepe de chine "camp shirt" I wore in college (I was kind of conservative back then.

Oh and my Patagonia fleece is magenta!