I have two blue denim jackets, one darker and fitted with contrast stitching that is a dressier topper for a dressier look over dresses and one lighter, roomier, and more casual for a dress-down look with trousers/top/scarf combo. I have a white denim jacket which I also wear over dresses. I've had them for years and wear them year-round.

I own 4.— .one dark denim, one coated navy and one white, and one non traditional. I wear them as toppers, ie as blazer or cardigan substitutes. I wear the non traditional workwear one the least. The 1st find isn’t one I own, but it’s one I’m lusting after-but fear wouldn’t really be as versatile as what I actually have

Kkards can you say more about the Mavi Samantha? I’m eyeing that style in “bleached vintage?” I think a smaller lighter one might be a lot more functional for me for than the large and dark one I wear in the milder winter.

Reviews are all over the place regarding sizing.

Denim jackets are very useful in my wardrobe. In fact, other than these, I only have 4 other jackets that I kept since I retired (other than fleece or gear.) As you can see, I generally roll up the sleeves. Though not all true blue denim, mine include:

1. Gray corduroy from Gap. Love wearing this in fall-early spring.

2. Heavier, slightly more boxy, darkish denim, outdoor layer-able for cooler weather. It has a zipper and snaps. I like to wear it with long sleeve t under either a classic wool cardigan or pullover, with a cozy scarf and gloves - warm enough for errands on chilly fall days. One reason I like this is because of opportunity for mixing great unusual color combos and textures for a unique outfit.

3. Dark wash “dressy” denim, collarless, almost Chanel-inspired. Dresses up or down upon demand.

4. Slightly cropped, stretchy medium washed blue one which feels amazing, adding a layer for chilly evenings but never too hot, over almost any summer dress or outfit including shorts, or darker or white denim jeans. Miraculously seems to be the right proportion for lots of combos.

5. Red with 3/4 sleeves, often worn over black knit or one of various print summer dresses.

6/7. Cream and black ticking stripe linen in denim jacket cut. So fun.

8. Last but not least, a dark blush one which could be called a denim jacket-utility jacket hybrid since it’s a bit longer than a true denim jacket. This one also blends in with many other items in my wardrobe and serves to dress outfits up or down when needed.

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Haven't worn a denim jacket since the 70's. Don't miss it and don't feel a real need for it. It's too casual for my job and some other activities and too stiff for wearing at home.

For a casual but pretty summer style, say for vacations, I could be tempted to buy a white or pastel one, provided the fit is great.

I just bought one from Old Navy, my first since probably middle school in the late 90s. And I LOVE IT. I've been wearing it nonstop with shorts and dresses.

3 denim jackets - white, dark denim, blue and white Ikat print. All 5+ years old - and I wear them all the time! The white one needs replacing, and hasn't been worn yet this year because I am wearing white denim jeans A LOT and I don't like the 'Canadian Tuxedo' look.

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I have 2 denim jackets. One is a dark denim jacket that I wear a lot in the summer. I bought it in the late 90s or early 00s. The other one is a cropped distressed denim jacket with embroidery that is hiding from me. I bought it about 10 years ago. I wish it would make an appearance.

I would like another one. I love denim jackets.

So glad I came back to this thread! Such fun! jllp, your denim jackets are incredible! And wow, the other collections here are also brilliant. Making me crave another one! I almost pulled the trigger on the BR peplum one yesterday but then decided I wouldn't wear enough.

I want to echo Angie and some others re the season for wearing them -- for me, these are almost entirely a late spring/ summer/ early fall item. I do occasionally wear my mixed media one in winter layered over a sweater with a coat over top.

I loved my denim jackets back in high school and college, and then stopped wearing them until just a few years ago. Now I can’t live without them! I wear them spring, fall, and summer. I have four in rotation, three in finds below (missing is my J. Crew Factory one...light blue, mild distressing).

Denim jackets as a whole don’t work for my body shape or my climate. I feel awful in them. I like them on others and have tried and tried to make them work on me. Same with a denim vest. No longer will I try. I suppose there’s possibly a stretch denim jacket out there that’s lightweight and longer in the torso plus not too boxy to flatter me, but it would be like finding a needle in a haystack, and I’m over it. I can’t think of a time I’d choose it over something else in my closet. My last attempt I gave to my DD. She looks adorable in it.

I will enjoy this iconic look on others and give myself permission to never try another on unless I have a change of heart.

Wow Jlpp 19 denim jackets! That’s got to be the most! What a super selection. Lots of inspiration! I like the mixed media ones and Runcarlas ikat one.

I love my denim jackets. I have three: one white, one dark blue, and one black. The first two are fitted and classic shaped, the black one is more a motto style.
I live in a hot climate, and I can wear them most of the year, bar the very coolest weeks.
In summer, I always have one or more handy in my office for arctic aircon. I like to wear quite dressy dresses to work, so a suit jacket is a bit "much". I throw on my denim and I'm just right.

I thought my 3 denim jackets might be too many but I have revised my opinion ,it s obviously not enough!I have a mid blue gap one that I ve had forever and id still going strong,a slightly shorter white one and a beautiful fitted dark wash designer label one that I found in a charity shop for £9.I find them incredibly useful especially in the summer if another layer is required as they are not too warm .I can’t understand why Jane s friends think that they are a “young”look,as far as I’m concerned that’s the beauty of them ,they are ageless.My teenage daughter also has 2 denim jackets ,a dark wash from gap and a lone line one with fabulous embroidery from H and M.She likes to wear her plain one with statement badges.

For me, the denim jacket is a timeless clothing. We can wear it easily and every day. Often, the look is simple but thanks to this jacket, it can be really nice.

Jlpp! You have as many jackets as I have jeans! LOL! We should pair them up!

I have mixed feelings about Jean jackets. I have 4 of them. I recently purchased the polished peplum BR jacket that Angie also has pictured above and have been wearing it regularly. I find that I like wearing them better now that my jeans are back to higher rise styles. I didn’t care for them with my mid and low rise jeans. The proportions on my body didn’t work out right. My oldest Jean jacket is from Eddie Bauer, and has had a place in my closet for several decades. I’ve talked about it before, because I had kept it for so long without wearing it very often, and was advised to eliminate it, however I somehow still have the jacket.......and I started to wear it again too! I wore it yesterday with my grey cargo pants. I have two crop EF denim jackets, one is white, and one has some interesting fading effect. I pair those with cocktail dresses for work. It’s one of the ways I dress down my more formal wardrobe items.

I have never figured out how to get a brooch to lay on my clothes without weighing it down and pulling it out of shape. I love how they look, but they don’t seem to love me back. I don’t wear them. I have one my mom gave me that my Aunt must have purchased in Sedona, AZ many years ago. I love it! I wish I knew how to make it work.

I have just recently added a white denim jacket to my wardrobe (a gorgeously soft one from Mango, bought in Amsterdam), and I couldn't be happier. I still have and wear a Mango light charcoal denim jacket which I purchased in 2004! I had been looking for a white one for ages, and this one is perfect. Crisp, fresh, polished and comfy. Goes over anything. Timeless classic.

I have two classic denim jackets (one sized up for layering under in the winter, one more fitted and cropped for summer) that are in almost constant rotation despite the fact that I wear blue jeans 3 or 4 days a week (more in the winter). Then again, I like the classic and even the "cowboy" vibes. I also have a black moto style one from liverpool jeans that is the softest knit denim-- very cool technology.

I like denim jackets, and always look at them in stores. BUT , they look awful on me, and never fit properly, which makes me frustrated and sad - because they are such an easy piece to work with . This is bringing me back to Greyscale's thread about jeans, and I persevered with denim jackets for years, collecting all sorts to them, until I finally had to acknowledge I don't have the body that makes them work. What that body is, I have no idea, but I sure don't have it. I probably got rid of 6-7 of them last summer.

Hello Ladies. I am enjoying this thread very much and coming out of ‘lurkism’ to ask a question. Does anyone own the JCrew denim swing Jacket? I am very pear shaped and the bottom band of a traditional style hits me in the wrong spot. I think this swing style may be better?

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Teatime, do you think maybe you need a petite size (which would be shorter)? I have large hips also, and I find that buying petite causes things to hit up higher so that they don't grab on my hip line.

As for denim jackets in general, I am not a huge fan and finally bought my first one last year. It took me quite a bit of looking, since most denim jackets appear to be very boxy right now. I finally bought a Pilcro one and have been happy with it. I wear denim on denim all the time, since I wear a lot of jeans as bottoms. I feel like the look is kind of seventies, and my style skews that way, so I don't mind too much.

I really like my more fitted denim jacket (available in petite and regular). One compromise is that it has no pockets.

I am enjoying all the other ones posted above. That swing one posted by teatime is intriguing.

I wear a denim jacket as a blazer alternative, because as much as I like blazers on others, I do not like them on me. I guess denim jackets are also kind of a Chanel-style jacket alternative for me, too. My style is very casual, so denim works well in just about any setting you'll find me in. I especially like to wear them over tunics and dresses, or over a semi-tucked top. I have four, as of this week; I just bought a white one. I have a medium-blue one, a black one, and a stone-colored one. Oh, and also a black one with a flocked design all over it that I rarely wear--I should donate that one.

Teatime, try looking at Junior's styles. They are usually cut shorter. Both of mine are from American Eagle Outfitters.

I'm wearing my white one today, with a dress so here's a pic. This is pretty much the main way I wear denim jackets - only in the summer and exclusively with dresses and skirts.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, I shall definitely try on a few petite styles.

Teatime I have recently found a swing-style denim jacket and it works fabulously with my body’s shape. Highly recommend.

I love them. I have 7. They are all used in rotation for various purposes. They are essentials to my style.

1 classic boxy chamber one
1 fitted, curved Tristan blazer-like and leather trims darker chamber one
1 classic boxy white one from Talbots (pic 1)
1 classic boxy one from Santana in electric fushia
1 extra-cropped fitted dark denim one from Maricano (pic 2)
1 fitted Yoga Jeans dark denim one I love. (pics 3-4)
1 extra-cropped washed printed denim from Only (pic 5)

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