Since I edited my dress capsule with your help I've been on the hunt for my perfect LBD.  One of my criteria has been an open neck, and that really excluded 95% of the black dresses out there.  My second criteria was that I wanted something that could be dressed down for day to day wear.  The outfit I envisioned was a boyfriend cardigan and chunky penny loafers.  I'd also like to be able to wear the dress with a button up shirt layered underneath, or with a blazer on top.

Is this my dress?  It's so hard to tell online if something will look too business-y or refined in person to dress down.

I ordered it in a 14P, and that may be a mistake that I keep making over and over.  I just definitely don't want tight around my middle if I want it to become a go to dress.  However, the last few times I've resisted sizing down I was wrong.  It's such a great price, maybe I should have grabbed the 12P too?

Eta: I got the find wrong. This is the proper link to the dress.