Carter, I've been the recipient of that "baby-birthing hips" remark, even from strangers, and it drives me nuts. Even as recently as last year, when it's pretty obvious that I'm old enough that ship has sailed. Grrrr. I think it was meant as a compliment, but I hate it. Thanks for reducing me to a body part that I never even used that way, random man on the street!

They dont rub when i walk, but touch if im standing with feet together. Totally normal. I figure the whole thigh gap phenomenon is just another reason for us to feel bad about our bodies-and we dont need that!

I actually had to stand up and check lol ... but suffice it say that I'm with everyone who agrees this is just one more piece of unsolicited body opinioning that should be ignored!! (meaning the images, especially photoshopped ones, that make us feel this is an issue should be ignored, not this post or discussion, which I think provides us with a great opportunity to boost each other up )

No rub here despite bigger thighs, but I am bow-legged with a wide pelvis so its strictly due to bone structure, not fitness!

Lingerie, shape wear and even workout wear photos are the most photoshopped and deceiving and ridiculous things ever. It infuriates me that having a thigh gap is some sort of badge of honour. It's about as controllable as the size of your feet. Sometimes mine touch, sometimes they don't.

Photo. Shop.
They "retouch" all those photographs.

Here’s a photoshop fail from Target.

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Full thighs, and I've never had a gap, even when I was a child or at my thinnest as an adult. It's genetic (I'm 100% Portuguese.) Plenty of thigh rub in the summer, and I hate wearing the slip shorts so I just use Body Glide.

I don't really believe any significant percentage of the population has a thigh gap, for what it's worth. I reject the whole idea of it being some kind of goal. Some people may be genetically predisposed to it, but most probably aren't. I don't think most significant others care about such things, either. That's just my take.

Funny, JAileen.

My thighs don't rub when walking. They touch slightly when standing.

Oh my god, JAileen! What would you call a gap way up there? Soooo funny- thank you for finding that. Off to clean up the coffee I just spewed all over myself!

I actually don't know and I don't plan on checking. I don't have any thigh rubbing problems but I do think it is about bone structure, etc. I certainly don't have skinny legs.

My thighs don’t touch, no matter what my weight. They never have. It amazes me that people spend their time studying body parts. As long as mine are healthy, I’m satisfied.

Jane, I also have sticky upper thighs.

JAileen, that's hilarious!

When I was at my heaviest, my thighs rubbed enough to hurt. Other times, when I’ve weighed less and been relatively more muscular (though I don’t think I’ve ever gotten below 21% body fat), I’ve had thigh gap when standing still with my knees together. So I’m going to say it’s a combination of bone structure and body make up. It matters as much as any part of appearance—not at all.

ehhh thigh gap is *so over*
It's all about the bikini bridge now

I'm late to this but meant to chime in that I remember as a teen having the opposite from a friend to the "child bearing hips" comment. Mine was "are you going to be able to have kids with your hips that narrow?". (I have had three, just fine). And yes I have thighs that touch if my knees are touching - my hips aren't that narrow now but they aren't brough, but my thighs are full and I remember them being like that at at 17 when I was thinner.

Mostly only a problem with exercising - I had almost forgotten it because I wear a running skirt with built in bike shorts. I feel it the first time in spring when I'm not wearing hose but then I get used to it. Also on hot nights I don't like any body parts touching so I lie like a starfish!

That photoshop fail is so funny!Whats that called ?buttock gap?

Anne, you made my day, LOL with the starfish visuals!!!:-)