The short answer is... probably not! But let's see.

First of all, here is pandemic situation:

-WFH exclusively since early March
-I dress for work--mostly casually but in more than just sweats (it helps me mentally to change at the end of the day)
-Half my wardrobe has been in storage since late September, due to my (still) impending move (Jan 15, we think!) and selling the current place (in contract!). It's not all my sumemr clothes, either, as it was still pretty warm when I packed up. It's a mix of seasons plus the vast majority of anything that's remotely dressy.
-I also haven't had a full length mirror inside my home since late September.
-My current apartment runs hot most of the year--we have a/c in the summer but it's humid. We have no control over our very dry heat in the winter, and use fans and a humidifier.

Now let's see how I did on my goals. TBH, I didn't think about these much after the pandemic. I certainly did shop, as my needs had changed. I also picked up some items I loved, that I know will be of more use later.

2020 Goals:

1. I should strive for each wardrobe item to be at least an 8 out of 10, if possible. I tried to keep this in mind most of the year. But the summer was tough - I didn't have enough clothes cool enough to wear around the house day in and day out. I panic bought some shorts and tops that don't fit well. It was hard to return stuff at that time. Next summer, I will evaluate whether some of these can be salvaged via tailoring. I've included some of the items that fit this criteria in the Finds.

2. Wear my accessories more, especially jewelry. Total fail, once the pandemic hit, except that I bought and wear a few top knot headbands for Zoom.

3. I'd like to wear makeup more. See #2

4. Continue to judiciously add non-skinny bottoms - I've added a lot of bottoms, none really skinny! I have to be careful with the high waists, though. My waist short and my tummy tends to bloat, so high waists can feel very constricting on me, especially now that I'm home all the time. In fact, I have some pants I will take in a bit once I leave the house regularly again. As for the ones that are too tight, I will see if I can stretch them a bit but may otherwise pass them on later.

5. Don't beat myself up. This was about how much I shop. I didn't do too badly this year (not a numbers person, sorry). I'm not interested in beating myself up after this year. My wardrobe has remained a size that I can afford and comfortably house (more so when I move, as I won't need to do seasonal storage, just to make things more or less accessible depending on season). I donate things where they will be resold or recycled for sure.

Other things I noticed this year:

- In the fall, I went on a flannel shirt kick because I had NONE left. As a 90's kid, I didn't find that acceptable. I now have four (all in Finds below). They may great layering pieces for the wildly varying temps in my home, and will still be good when I move, as we will keep it cooler in the winter than our current home.
- No more tolerance for tight clothes, as I said above.

Given the ongoing pandemic and my impending move, plus the fact that half my wardrobe is in a warehouse, I find it impossible to make any goals for 2021 yet. I'm still interested in shopping and still adding a variety of bottoms, mostly, but I have no real holes (exceptions below) for my current lifestyle.

I need to replace my white leather sneakers, which stopped feeling supportive enough abruptly; I will probably get more Eccos. I also will need to see how I am on warm wraps and cardigans. We plan to keep our new home much cooler in the winter so we can actually use our winter clothes again. I have PLENTY of pullovers.

My real main wardrobe goal is to figure out how to use all my storage when I move, and figure out how to integrate drawers , either into the bedroom or into my walk-in and second closets (I am ditching my bureau).

Much love and good wishes to you all!

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