I am just throwing the last few things into the trailer, which is new to us and an immeasurable step up from tents and popups. I am the incarnation of all that my old backpacking self thought silly
So can take more stuff! to a paintout in North Texas. It is five days away, with dog, and I plan to hike a LOT.
A lot of oil painters will be there, they are loosely organized but assume that we will shake the dirt off and eat together at a couple of points. Other than that, it is gear.
I know a few of us are outdoor enthusiasts.
Any hard won tips and recommendations for your back and forth travel wardrobe for road and trails? And how not to scare the tourists when you come off the backcountry?
Sigh. Artists are not glam in themselves, usually, but they are some judgey in groups. If I reply sporadically, it is because wifi may be spotty.
Thanks and looking forward to your expertise.