I am on the hunt for a camel coat and having a lot of trouble. I'm looking for something:

- lightweight (both in warmth and in actual weight)
- classic shape with a menswear influence (ie structured shoulder, some waist definition or at least not boyfriend fit, but not a fit-and-flare) (my coat issue is getting the shoulders/upper back big enough without the coat looking like a tent from the arms down)
- mid-thigh to knee length (34-36 inches long would be ideal)

So far I've tried two:


Usually Ann Taylor fits me really well but this was ridiculously boxy.


Too much of a boyfriend fit, plus the fabric is not great (fine for this price point though).

I'm willing to spend significantly more for this kind of high longevity item - but this, which I love, is still way out of my price range:)


If anyone has suggestions that would be great!