My daughter, age 23, is looking for advice in building a work wardrobe for her posting next fall. She will be working in a school in a small city in Quebec, assisting in teaching English in a program that involves a lot of outdoor field work as well. She will be working with Grade 7 students. She will be biking to work as well as spending time outdoors (in a place with 8-foot snowbanks in winter). She wants to dress aspirationally-- she intends to go on as an educator.

Her current wardrobe consists of casual and going-out wear; she has been working as a nanny and prior to that was a student, so she doesn't have a core professional wardrobe to build from.

Her current preferred silhouettes are long tunic over leggings and skinny jeans with a loose T or baggy sweater. The phrase "eclectic minimalist" resonates with her (an austere version of boho). For reference, this is her Pinterest style page: (disregard all the long boho dresses that were a thought experiment).

Her current favourite footwear consists of Blundstone boots and Vans, and she needs to maximize comfort and support. She wears a lot of black with eggplant and turquoise and a few pops of colour. (I showed her Deborah's blog and that's who she wants to be when she grows up.)