I saw this interesting blog post the other day (I think I originally got the link from Already Pretty):


Basically, to summarize: she says that your calf-to-thigh ratio is a good indicator of what length skirt is most flattering. So, longer thigh means you should wear above-the-knee skirts, and longer calf means you should wear below-the-knee skirts.

I was curious, so I measured myself: my thigh (hip bone to middle of knee bone) is 18.5" and my calf (middle of knee bone to ankle bone) is only 15.5"! Makes sense since I've always found shorter skirts more flattering, although to be honest I always thought it was because I'm short and a pear.

In the recent thread about tea-length skirts, some of you mentioned that you thought below-the-knee skirts were hard for most women to wear (and I agree). I'm curious, though, for those of you who have long calves, are tea-length skirts easier to wear?