I LOVE the idea of the Halogen booties that I got at the Anniversary sale, but I just cannot bring myself to put them on to wear out (to work especially). I think they're lovely and cute, but totally unwalkable for me. I'm teetering all around in them! Since I haven't worn them, I think I'm going to return them (ok, I'm about 99% sure).

In their place, instead of getting some equally as sexy booties...I'm looking at combat style boots (hahaha!!!). Flat and nice. These probably won't make it into the office either, but honestly, they have a better chance!

Anyway, these are my two options, in black more than likely, since I have my short fryes in brown. What says the crowd? The taller boots are Timberlands with a lug sole for better traction, but they are also a bit taller. The short ones are Steve Maddens with a slick bottom (from appearance), and a side zipper...which I cannot deny looks handy.