One year ago this month I started doing some wardrobe analysis via monthly posts I called "The Learning Curve." My stated goal in Sept.'s post was - my goal is simple: to figure out what works/doesn't work and hone in on my fashion "persona." I really want to avoid those purchases of what I like but
what doesn't like me back. To help achieve my goal, I'm taking a super quick
outfit photo each day for the school year (some on weekends, too).
Simple, huh? Anything but.

I'll let the numbers tell the story:

By the Numbers: I photographed 233 outfits during the school year (184 school days + some weekends + some vacation days) and brought the total up to 254 outfits photographed by the end of August. So what did those numbers tell me?

  • Type of item worn most often: Skirts
  • The color I wore most often: White
  • The item (top) I wore most often since purchase: Ahem, well, that's the BCBG white blazer. And that chomping sound you hear is me eating the words I spoke at the Boston meet-up, "But I'll never wear this!"
  • The item (bottom) I wore most often since purchase: The black VC tube skirt.
  • The pattern that saw the most wear time: Plaid. Plaid pants, plaid shirts, Blackwatch plaid blazer. And if I can include them here, (heck it's my post I can include what I want!) checkered pants, and black & white windowpane pants.

Bye the Numbers: Am I saying goodbye to items that stayed unworn in my closet? You bet. I do, however, have a few items that I like but haven't worn much. I'm not getting rid of them, but I will try to style them to my liking.

Buy the Numbers: So here's the fun part. My favorite month, the month of outfits I liked best of all, was May. And May was one of the months I had to deal with my surgery shoe, Frankenboot! The only shoe I could wear on my other foot was a Converse Hi-Ness (it had the same wedge height as the boot), so I turned to Angie's ensembles and Pinterest for some fun outfits. So does this mean I can't dress myself and like what I'm wearing? I hope not. I think it means that I like a little fun, a little funky, and a little dressy in the same outfit. And that, my fab YLF girlfriends, will drive my future purchases.

Most important lesson learned? Be fussy! Don't be afraid to spend more to get good quality and a good fit. You WILL wear it.

My fashion "persona?" A little fun, a little, funky, a little dressy. The other day I was picking out new glasses and I said to the clerk who came over to help me: "Above all, they have to fun and they have to be super stylish." That goes for everything

Here are some of my favorites, and I welcome your comments:

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