...or The White T-shirt.

There is a missing ‘essential’ for me to achieve some of my aspirational outfit combos - light (white or cream) tops. I moved away from white shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts because they don’t last more than one season (or year) before they became grubby and unattractive. (Ex. I still have a 2016 navy and white BR button down, but the white one was gone after 1 year.)

Counting wears, and assessing the condition of my tops, I’m thinking 50-60 wears will be the maximum number I’ll get from tops. T-shirts should last 2 years, and most tops 5. I’m speculating that white tops, especially T-shirts, might last half as long - probably due to the vigorous washing techniques required to keep them pristine. I’m also wondering if a high summer capsule is going to experience higher turnover relative to some of the tenant for life garments I own?

So, my question is: do you ever buy things knowing that they will be short term tenants of your closet? How does this factor into your closet management practices? Budget? Quality?