Buying online is tricky, yet here I have gone again...

The upside is - access to items that otherwise I would never see and the possibility of a good discount. For me, online shopping has been hit and miss. Purchasing from Australia, we generally don't get free shipping, often it will cost up to $US40.

I was lured by a Black Friday sale to buy two items, sight unseen by Kate Spade, a good discount plus free international shipping, sealed the deal. Essentially I got a free dress for the price I would normally have paid locally for the Kate Spade bag.

Purchased - Night Rose Crepe Dress
Ink blue satchel

The satchel was a easy pick, same style as my lilac satchel, which is a perfect style and weight for me. I have been looking for a dark blue / ink bag for a while. So this one, at a significantly reduced price, is a winner for me. I have lots of clothing that will act as a complement for this bag.

Now the dress was more problematic. With a no return policy, if it did not fit, I would have completely wasted my money. On the other hand, the style looked pretty forgiving for my figure, being only fitted on the waist, so I went with a size 4 and hoped for the best.

The verdict - The dress is beautiful quality polyester. It is unlined, but the fabric is sort of self lined.
The fit - well it fits, I can wear it.

To be honest, when I first put it on and looked in the mirror, I was a bit disappointed. I possibly could have sized down, but then I risked the very real possibility that the entire dress would not fit at all. If I had been able to try it on in store, it likely would not have come home with me. However, I have it now and it is a great colour and being a little roomy makes it very comfortable. I have worn it once since buying, so I can see this being an item that will be useful.

So - how do you fare with these sorts of "great" discounts and are you tempted to buy?

First two finds - the dress and bag
The rest - my blue / ink complement

Updated with photo, worn again and liked it a bit better the second time. Hope it does not look too frumpy.

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