Angie, thank you for this great review. I may be in market for some new jeans this spring.

I did notice and was maybe a little surprised, though shouldn’t be, by how many stock photos show high heeled pumps, pointy toes shoes and boots, or strappy sandals with the jeans still, particularly the wider legs and longer ones.
Yes , I did see some sneakers, slides, and stompier boots.
But it does seem that for “ selling “, in addition to the models’ body types themselves , there’s still a lot of selling the jeans with dressier, juxtaposed footwear that isn’t casual- friendly.

I know I “ can” wear whatever shoes i need for fit and comfort with whatever jeans. But I have found that even my “ eye” wants to see certain pant- shoe proportions , plus there is length and risk of seasonal confusion. so if building outfits from the shoes up, I find that influences ( meaning, limits) what styles of jeans I think work for me. That’s nothing new in pants of course but it leads me more toward either in- store shopping or easy returns by the time you factor in figuring out what size in what brand and style plus which shoes work- even variations amongst tennis shoes.

Well, no one said styling is easy!