I will be doing an internship in an administrative office this summer part time and I am super excited! This is an important opportunity when it comes to choosing my future career (as I plan to leave the bench), and I will doing both real administrative work such as organizing workshops and small conferences as well as directly working with under-privileged high school students: tutoring, mentoring and some lab demos.
I have never worked in a place with business casual dress code before and I am also very excited about it, as I get to wear skirts, dresses etc. that are not allowed in my usual lab. I will be working in that office for about
30 total work days and I plan to and try and have as much fun as possible with those 30 outfits. I need some advice and general thoughts on that though. I am hoping to strike the right balance with some modern classic and trendier looks and leave a good impression.
In my couple of visits to that office, I have noticed that the dress code is fairly relaxed, and that there is a wide range in the levels of dressiness. The office is mainly female and while some ladies wear the more typical BC: blouses, blazers, pants/skirts and heels, most of them were fairly casual and wear outfits such as casual khakis and polo-shirts, and the head of the office even wears blue jeans, but she is the boss. It is very hot and humid here in the summer, and the office has a strong AC.
I am planning not to wear blue jeans at all, I want to dress more formal than that. I may wear white jeans depending on if I manage to find the right cropped white pants to wear as substitute. In general, how dressy do you think I should go? Would you wear other denim items (not jeans), such as denim shirt with pencil skirt or denim jacket with a dress? Would you dress differently for work with high school students and for the administrative part? I am all ears and open for suggestions. Ideas (and visuals) of BC outfits that would suit my style would be greatly appreciated.
I will be mainly shopping my closet - I have some potential bottoms on order and will be buying a white cardigan and perhaps cropped white pants, but that is about it. I have a nice selection of tops, shoes, toppers, and decent amount of skirts and dressier pants in my wardrobe already, as.
I would also like to warn you that is post is the first in the series of them on various BC topics, so feel free to skip the series Future posts will be more focused, and will be mainly on how to style a particular type of bottom for the office setting.