[On edit--I'm thinking out loud here, so don't feel obligated to problem-solve. Thanks for just reading!]

I don't think I will make this as articulate and analytical as other posters' analyses of their current and future style goals, but that would probably be indicative of my own particular issues in defining and creating a cohesive style...if that is even possible (or desirable) for me.

Though I've posted very little on this board the past year or so, I have been a YLF member for over four years, and have long had a keen interest in personal style. However, that said, I also become overwhelmed and for various reasons end up backing off from what comes to seem like a time-sucking, costly and often frustrating hunt for individual pieces and overall looks that work for me. This past year I was not at all personally depressed, but I would say that I was "clothing depressed." Given that I work from home and don't have to conform to any specific standard of dressing, I was usually grabbing t-shirts and jeans and a comfy sweater or a hoodie. I tend to wear the same pair of sneakers most of the time (they're sporty-lux, but still...always the same shoes!) It finally started bothering me recently, and here I am, back to the collective wisdom of fabbers, hoping to cut through the doubt and confusion, and finally, once and for all, come up with a template for what works for my particular challenges and makes me very happy.

So, currently:

As I said, I can wear what I want. Also, I happen to love comfortable, somewhat casual clothes.

I live in a city with all different types of fashion. Probably mostly casual (it's Boston, with a large student population).

I walk a lot, bike in the warmer weather (a LOT), and I have to be honest and say that I prefer a flat or low heel most of the time.

I have to pay more attention to the price point of an item than many people. That said, I am willing to consider spending a fair amount of money on a really perfect investment piece.

Oh, I almost forgot that besides a regular wardrobe, I want to build a wardrobe for tango, which means flowy skirts and pretty tops and certain types of harem-y trousers. But I want to invest in things that can do double duty, for when I'm not dancing.

I probably have a lot of wardrobe holes, but believe it or not, I have trouble identifying all of them because I don't know what it's like to have most things I probably could use.

I also have orphans that I don't want to give up on...but need to find "bridges" to make them more useful. And for me, this is often hard.

Because of the texture of my hair when I try to grow it out, I have been stuck with the same short hairstyle most of my adult life. It's not that it's that bad, but I am really tired of it.

I am short, with a very large bust, and I just do not find stuff off the rack that works well for me. It is a ton of work to get a few items that are good. If I lived in Seattle I would have hired Angie long ago. : )


Now onto my style goals. They are not as clear as I would like them to be....but posting here will probably help the process.

I'll say first of all that I dislike shopping, for the most part, but also I am an emotional shopper. I fall in love with a very specific item. I don't have a plan for that item, but I want it (it's very often something I can't have anyway--sold out, too expensive or doesn't fit/suit me well). But my point is, my love of things is very random.

What I really want to do this year is to effectively pull together some capsules. I have never done this. I'm not sure how to go about it. When I shop online, it's like going down the rabbit hole. (Did I tell you I have ADD? Heh heh--but I'm not really joking...)

Also, and this is the other really big thing--I want to balance my love of androgynous/rocker-chic types of "harder" style with a lot more femininity. But the key word is "balance." I don't feel comfortable going really girly. But I'm too far in the opposite end of the spectrum. And where the feminine touches would manifest is another question. I am thinking softer blouses, as well as more skirts and dresses. On edit, I think the key word might be ROMANTIC.

I was taken by Shannon's use of the descriptor "Parisian chic." I myself am not sure what it might mean, for myself. But it resonates.

One other thing I nearly forgot is that I want to start experimenting with different cuts of jeans and trousers. I've been doing skinny jeans almost entirely, and it's time to mix it up! But being petite (for bottoms anyway--I can buy regular sizes up top), I am unsure which proportions would look good for me.

I also want *a little bit* more tailoring. I've always liked very drapey, clean, unstructured clothing. I have been wearing a lot of my Eileen Fisher linen tees this year. But I'm wanting to move away from that. I'm just afraid that a lot of structure on my body might not look right.

Before I forget again, I have to add that I hope to thoughtfully incorporate texture into my wardrobe. It's been lacking. Heavy, bulky texture is something I need to avoid, though. The pic with the black moto jacket is, to me, a really nice example of textures coming together.

I have been collecting pics (I don't have my own Pinterest page--these are just pics I've found online) for years of pieces and looks I've really loved. I've reviewed them recently and interestingly, my tastes haven't changed. This is good in that it means I really know what I like. However, what I need to know is how to cut through all the general eye candy and figure out what actually serves me, considering my personal situation and the direction(s) I want to move in.

I'm including just a few things I've found recently. The black moto (which is again a kind of "tough" rather than feminine piece) sold out in the time it took me to write this! The Anthro dress is maybe a bit too feminine for me, but it's so pretty (it doesn't look really appropriate for tango). The white silk shirt is totally gorgeous; kind of expensive right now, but it's an ideal. The blue silk tie blouse was on sale last year when I was not checking things out online. I almost feel like it's a big job to keep up on what is coming out of the stores, and things I like sell out so quickly....Anyway, you can see that many things I love are pretty RANDOM.

Thank you for reading this looooong post! xoxo

(Also I didn't know how to find the bookmarklet for these products, which mostly are not Custom Finds. Sorry for any confusion!)