One of my goals for 2015 is sticking to my budget. I have it set, based on my wishlist for 2015 of about a dozen items, plus under things. I am giving myself a max per item allowance, which will help me focus on better quality. As I shrink my closet, I hope to gain a lower CPW which will make the more expensive items worth it (to me).
With that being said, I may have already spent part of 2015's budget since I found the exact pants I have been hunting down for some time (I ordered two sizes, lets hope one fits);f=PAD in olive. I am picky about fabrication and want no less than 98% cotton on my pants.

So besides spending my budget early - my biggest concern is how to actually stick to it. I really want to do just a couple large seasonal hauls, and maybe some extra for accessories, but I want to stick to my list. I was thinking about putting the money on a prepaid visa and only using that, but I am not sure how returns would work and I hate the idea of paying a fee on the visa. I then thought about cash only, but I don't like the idea of a large amount of cash at home. I have the money already set aside in a savings account, and usually just pull from that to pay my credit card bills, but I suck at tracking how much comes out for clothes and I tend to girl math a lot (ooh, this is technically gear, so it doesn't count).

What strategies do you guys employ to stick to your budgets? I did make sure to already subtract the cost of my pants from 2015.