Sorry for my absence. I have been very busy with work and travel to conferences. August was the last month of my year long wardrobe make-over and I went all out by spending lavishly on 14 high ticket items. Knowing I could not sustain that level of spending, September started my newly implemented budget which I wrote about in another post. So far it has been very successful. From September until now I have purchased only 6 items, one of which was an inexpensive logo tee from a conference. All the items except the tee and a Donna Morgan dress are below. Sticking to the budget has been easy. I can only spend the money in my debit account, so I cannot go over the limit. I am eliminating one or more items from my closet whenever a new item is added.

As I wear the items from my closet, I have discovered that I tend to pull clothes that are LIGHT in weight, LIGHT in color, feel LIGHT on my skin, look floaty and feathery LIGHT at the hemline, etc. My LIGHT summer color palette links them as well. My current style adjectives are SOFT, CALM, FRESH, CLASSIC, POLISHED, and does not include the word LIGHT. I am thinking of eliminating the word POLISHED. Polished seems too formal and stiff. I am not RATE. Personally, I want to present myself as GENUINE and COMPOSED. COMPOSED to me means that I have given thought to what I am wearing but it could be casual, or formal, but put together in a thoughtful manner. I like the word COMPOSED, but am not sure I need to include it in my style descriptors. I like to think I am a genuine and composed person. I want my clothing to reflect that, and my style adjectives are there to help me get there. So, my new style adjectives: SOFT, CALM, FRESH, CLASSIC, LIGHT.

Ta Da! It make me happy! What do you think?