I'm seeing lots of brown in NAS this year.

I have very little brown in my closet, but I am curious about adding some darker brown tones as a new-to-me neutral for F/W (as well as navy, which to be honest, I should have added a long time ago).

For those of you with narrowed down neutral palettes, how did you decide if brown was in or out?

I'm attaching some Finds in the direction I'm thinking.

Right now the only brown tones I can think of that are already in my closet:

  • Frye shortie boots (warm brown, cognac-ish color)
  • Cooler gray-brown dress boots (read more gray to be honest)
  • chocolate long sleeve Caslon tshirt used for layering
  • khaki really old blazer/jacket i haven't worn in a while
  • cream MK tshirt used for layering
I tend to gravitate toward black because of years of mindless dressing.

Could brown help up my style quotient or am I risking pricey orphans?

FWIW I have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.