Hi there, just wanted to share a snap of my new boots and necklace, and some details on two other purchases I've made (done for a while, she says again lol!)

So, usually the rule is, shop for your capsule, put your capsule together, and then don't shop. But I think for me, it's actually smarter to put your capsule together, wear it for a month or so, and then shop. Having worn my capsule for a month or so, a few needs/wants came up that I've now purchased for, and I am extremely confident all these items will get a ton of wear - whereas, the items I had thought of buying before (I'm glad I restrained myself!), would not have been nearly as good decisions. So yay for that!

Ok, the fun bit now:

- photo of my new Blondo boots in this deep red wine colour - I LOVE these boots - they are a quiet statement which will add a lot of interest to my outfits, and as per usual with Blondos, are super comfy and practical for winter weather. My black Blondos I would say have clocked 100 wears or so (I wouldn't be shocked if it was more, I doubt it's much less) and these don't read as trendy as other styles I was considering, so I think they will have longevity.
- my "a-LEX-is" necklace (said like Moira Rose) ... also Angie-inspired - similar to Angie and Annie Murphy's monogram necklace from Anthropologie. The way the "H" hangs is slightly askew and odd, but in a subtle way - not unlike myself, I might add I hadn't realized I was bored with my layering necklaces until I found myself NOT reaching for them anymore (they've gotten hardly any wear on my tracking spreadsheet). This one is done by a Manitoba-based Etsy shop so a nice 'support small biz' purchase too.

- around the house but polished pants - ordered from Amazon (I know, I know ...), these are supposed to be a good dupe of the Lulu on-the-fly pants ... I have been humming and ha-ing about what jeans to buy, and then I looked at what I've been wearing and what I've wanted to wear and thought, jeans can definitely wait! Some comfy house pants that I feel properly dressed in seems like a good buy just now.

- as I've been dressing, I keep things a neutral cardigan would be really handy, in a lighter neutral (i.e. not black or navy) ... meanwhile, colourblock sweaters have been catching my eye, but I don't like the colourful ones for myself because I don't think they'll have longevity for me ... lo and behold, Cdn retailer Reitmans surprised again, with a good looking cardigan in gray colourblock. I ordered and it should arrive this week ... we shall see, and I intend to be extremely picky about whether it stays or goes back.

Anyhoo, that's a long post to confess my shopping sins but also to say that I'm actually pretty pleased with everything I've chosen ... I feel these were smart buys that will all see 30 wears, but also give my closet a little currency refresh that it was probably in need of. I am also determined to track purchases and spend this year; I will be curious to see how much of a shopper or non-shopper I really am.

Please feel free to disagree, critique or comment!

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