An anticipated parcel from the US arrived on the weekend, containing the FS loafers that Angie raves about... they sold out at Nordstroms quickly, however the Franco Sarto store had them, but wouldn't ship to Canada. So after much debate I asked a favour of my "shipping agent fabber" and they are now mine. (Thanks again!!) I must have horse shoes up my you know what, I have had such good luck ordering shoes online.. (big knock on wood), of course in part thanks to those who answer my fit questions.

So, these shoes are GREAT. Initially a slight bit snug in the toe box, however it is not going to be a issue... a couple of hours around the house yesterday in socks, and I felt comfortable enough to give them a try for the day today. No issues whatsoever so far.

So this gave me the motivation to break out a new bag I bought back in March, on a trip to Quebec City.

And completing the matchy matchiness... I found this scarf in a strange place in my closet. ie not where I keep scarves. I have NO recollection of where it may have come from, it must have been a hand me down as I'd remember buying it... I think The colour is a perfect match for the shoes and bag (which are closer in colour than they appear below). I am not wearing it today, but what a great find to complete the trio!

Fun! Bring on Spring! Please..............