I have been somewhat frustrated with online shopping due to difficulty "sizing up" the sizing and fits and colors, so I decided to brave one of our local malls to see things IRL .

I had avoided Talbots all year because I feel I will go down the rabbit hole of almost-right, but decided to check it out.
The SA gave me the scoop on the sales--"these are 75% off and then another 25% off " . I asked her if that meant we were down to zero, but I guess that was not funny--especially with masks on-- and of course it's a sign of the retail misery, which is definitely not funny.

I ended up with this blazer in a dark navy kind of pinpoint , which is a perfect "tone" for me, less harsh than solid black or navy and more versatile for me, because with the slight tweedy effect it blends well with any shade of solid black or navy or both in same outfit, plus colors and prints. It's a casual style with the patch pockets, but very comfortable due to some stretch--it is comfortable enough to travel with and also ok for "somber capsule" if needed because it is not denim, but kind of works the way medium -dark denim would as a neutral.

Talbots has a lot of jackets on sale online, of course.

At another store I also got a couple of button front shirts-- the blue stripe, not very fitted, in wrinkle-reslstant, which I really wanted to focus on for this one, because I have not has as good luck keeping the crisp look with 100% cotton. But did get another RL shirt in cotton in a moody dark floral, which I can't find any photo of. I almost got the pink floral that is in my list of Finds (which is the same style and fabric as the dark floral I got) --I am like a moth to flame for many of the RL prints but then go, whaat? I still think it is pretty but the darker one works better with more things, in including my coloring (!).

Be careful going shopping during sale on sale, because you might come home with something unexpected. I got the rain jacket in a print that is somewhat mercurial--it is actually off-black with brown /pinky-ivory spots, but in some lighting looks like dark navy and pale lavender. I like this combo very well and was able to try some color "draping"--there was also one that was clearly navy,with pink and berry colored print, so I compared them, thinking that I should look better in the blue and berries, but no. So I chalked that up to Color Theory Research.