I thought I'd share a couple of bralettes I've tried recently and have enjoyed wearing. These are not full support bras and are not meant to be. They are what I would call "modesty" bralettes. Just enough coverage and slight support so you don't feel like you're exposed - and a natural shape.

Both companies also offer other options, including some with padding. I've tried some padded bralettes (AE has had several over the years) but usually I've found the padding too thick in relation to the rest of the material, making it feel awkward. I'm still looking as I think the perfect combination of a very slight pad and bralette fit could be idea for certain outfits.

In the VS brand, I chose a size M and it works well for my smaller size (approx. 36 B but really even that is typically a bit large on me in the cup and I find a 34C way too uncomfortable, thus the bralette choice).

The VS bralettes also come in pretty lace and I did get one in a neutral purple gray color that is almost a nude and works under white. The Gap brand I sized up to L but maybe could also wear a M.

I'm still looking for more options in bralettes and hope retailers will be creating some new offerings over the next couple of seasons.

If any other bralette lover has found a good option, I'd love to hear your rec's!