Reason why I am so hesitant to go to a store is that in such stores I feel pressured to buy something, and I usually make mistake under pressure. And here is not easy if not impossible to return something that you bought in person. That is why I prefer online shopping so that I can try something and decide on my own pace. And I need some time to decide if something is uncomfortable or not. And to try it with different tops etc.
And I also honestly don’t know which shops here specializes in wider size ranges and are good in what they do.

Thank you so much for starting this thread Anchie! I knew my bras were getting stretched out but I’d just been putting off the purchase of new ones. Luckily I have a specialty bra store about 2km from my house, so no excuse, right. I stopped by the shop this morning and sure enough I needed one band size smaller and two cup sizes up! What a difference. I bought only one but I’m debating about a couple more.
I hope you have good luck with your online orders.

Anchie, that makes sense. I wonder how it would go if you went in saying you had some on order, but want to see what’s available locally, so you’ll be able to compare it to what’s coming and that you will be making the purchase decision after you’ve tried the others on. Or maybe there is some other reason you can give at the outset for wanting to try them on but not expecting to purchase that day. Waiting for payday, lol?

You need to come to the US to shop for bras

Angie - there is actually a very small chance that I will LOL. There is a conference in Seattle in November that my boss wants to send me to, but he needs to find sponsors who would pay for it, so don’t think it is very likely.

I hate bra shopping and when I find one I like I buy a whole bunch because next time I go to look for them the style has changed and I have to start all over again! My latest are Wacoal and I went down in band size and up in cup size like a lot of others here have experienced. I am a bargain shopper but not when it comes to bras. I am fairly busty and a bra has to fit and feel good and I will spend a lot to get that. Good luck!

Tell him to hire me to write grant proposals! (Only half joking).



Wow! That would be fab Anchie! How fantastic that would be!

I have never been to US, and it will
be truly fantastic if it happens. Problem is that I will not know until almost the last moment. My boss told me to prepare like I am going - to get the visa, book the hotel etc so that I am ready to go if money comes through but to also be prepared to cancel everything if it doesn’t.

Hi anchie! I'm in Seattle! How exciting!

I feel like I've read this same thread before and the requestor almost always ends up being fitted in person and being very glad they finally did so. I'm curious to see how you do with your online haul.

I've been wearing nursing bras lately (hateful things) and I have mostly ordered online for those as they aren't easy to find in wide selection in stores. But I also have been wearing the correct size bra for many years now, so I'm pretty confident in my knowledge of how a bra should feel and fit.

Echoing what others have said, even within the same size and brand, the fit of a bra can be totally different! That's why a human fitter is the best.

Bras have arrived. 30H and 32G both fits very good, but since I am not used to feel my bra, 32G feels more comfortable. And it feels so good, girls a finally in the right spot.

I am surprised that because of wider band (3 hooks instead of my usual 2 hooks) back view also looks better with less noticeable back flab then with my old bras with bigger size band. I am keeping one bra from this order, Wacoal in 32G in pictures, but since I am now more sure about the sizing off to order more in different styles. Excited and very thankful to all. 

ETA - last pic is in my old bra. Any difference?

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LOOKS GREAT. 32G it is.

Yes, I see a difference!

Yay! Looks good to me!

Yes. Definite difference. You look all y’all and willowy

Congrats, Anchie -- and thank you for doing your part to teach the world that "32G" is a COMPLETELY NORMAL BRA SIZE.

You look terrific. Nothing better than a well-fitting bra!

Angles are a bit different and your phone is in the way in pic 1 (I'm curious if the new bra does that pulling thing between the breasts as your old one does?). But YES it appears you look more lifted and your waist looks smaller too. Also yeah to no back flab!

Live in the bra for awhile to see how it wears when moving around etc. I say that because I recently online ordered what I thought was the right bra but got a different model (full coverage rather than demi cups which I normally wear). It felt alright at first, then after a couple of days wearing, I realized the cups were gaping at top, and the wires were moving around a lot. The straps kept falling down too, no matter how much I tightened them. Thankfully I'd purchased from Nordstrom so it wasn't a big deal returning/exchanging. Just saying that I didn't notice these differences on first try on.