Am I the only one who thinks they are killing it lately? That said, I don’t think this is all a slam dunk, but I’ve overall been very pleased and am trying so hard not to eye even more stuff! Their knitwear game is on point.

1. Petite houndstooth blazer - I have been stalking this in a petite size after trying it on in regular a while ago. Wore it like this today. great quality and I got it half off. This completed my collection of blazers, which it was a style goal of mine to refresh this season. I had my eye on others but don’t want to go overboard. 

2. Black merino sweater - Anchie got these in different colors so her thread will probably show it off better than my crappy picture. Lovely item! I got this as a wardrobe essential to replace a black J Crew Tippi sweater that’s developed a hole. 

3. Metallic leopard sweater - so fun, and satisfies my holiday magpie urges (trademark nemosmom). 

4-5 I promised Angie I’d try the size up in these red pants if I ever could find it on popback. I think these still aren’t quite right (not just because they’re too long). My “normal” size was too tight. My long search for red pants continues, but I can’t complain about my shopping success at BR. (I didn’t realize until too late that the first pic was blurry, but I’m not going to put them on again tonight. Suffice it to say that I’m not in love...)

6 bonus Boden - I would love to have a dress in this color but I’d have to commit to shape wear or hosiery for sure, due to the side view (forgot to snap a pic). Since this is a colder weather item hosiery would certainly not be a problem, though I’m not wearing any right now. Forgive the weird choice of putting these boots on with it.  ETA - I think I during make clear that I’m not sold on keeping this. As pointed out below, the shoulders don’t fit well (common problem for me). That makes me inclined to send it back.

Usual disclaimer - I can never get a flattering angle in my tiny bathroom, and this mirror widens me. This is what I have to work with until such time as I move, though. There is no other wall or door space for a mirror in our tiny apartment.

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