Well, I've been working on my 2016 Style Goals (finished, but not articulated in writing), refreshing my Deep Winter capsule, and preparing for Spring Transition (Deep Winter is done on March 1, even if we're buried in snow) and Warm Spring capsules.

I intended to start with bottoms and footwear, and fill in with tops, but I've seen so little of spring pants and footwear in the store (particularly white pants) that I've been thwarted meanwhile I purchased a couple of spring sweaters (no pics yet), and three tops (pic 1 & 2, Loft, pic 3, Kohls). Honestly, I think all of these tops suit my frame better than the models -- I would not have bought them had I not tried them on.

Now BR has a 40% off sale, and I'm contemplating some new tops, which means I'm planning upside down. Here are the tops I like so far, and a brief sketch of my silhouette plans:

Have: slim BF jeans (denim and white),
   white BF bermudas,
   black PIxie ankle pants,
   black silky track pants,
   dark skinnies,
   stonewashed bootcuts and straights.
   slim cargo pants in deep olive,

Planned:   white bootcuts, and maybe a slimmer white crop.
(so far) soft culotte, in black or denim
      wide legs --- perhaps in linen -- in white, black or chambray
     "accent" in a complementary color, or a patttern

Which of these tops (pick one or two) do you feel makes most sense for my style? What kind of tops will I need to pair with wide leg Summer pants and culottes, if I find them?

(I'm aware that I've selected a lot of printed tops. I do have more prints in my warm weather selections, because I lose that third piece, and the prints disguise the sweat and wrinkles that come with warmer weather.)