I just received these Born gold sneakers yesterday, in the 3rd size I've tried. I love the slightly rugged leather, the slightly bronze-y gold, and the zippers, plus Born quality is excellent. Alas, they do not have enough sole cushioning at the ball of the foot, and even when sizing up a whole size the toe box is just a bit too narrow across the area where the laces start to add that cushioning. I had this same issue with another pair of Borns that I relegated to house wear a few years ago. I'm being extremely picky about shoe fit these days. Back they go.

My feet are average width, slightly narrow heels, slightly wide ball of foot, and extremely low volume. If you have a slightly narrower ball-of-foot than I do they might work for you.  

I just ordered the Angie top pick Eccos ... this brand almost always works well for me, and I'll take a chance that the gold is not too bright for my tastes.