Me too - Carla, that's really awesome! I'm going to pare down my 'real life' board and start a 'fantasty life' board right now ... because it's Friday and I live in the suburbs Thanks SO much for sharing it!

I have a pair of long navy tassel earrings. Took a while to wear them the first time as they were a stretch but I really enjoy them when I’m in the mood. And a floral asymmetrical top-purchased several years ago-I was very unsure-became one of my very favorite items of clothing.
I’ve gotten better at predicting whether I will wear an item outside my comfort zone before I purchase it.

High summer is when I can get bored with my wardrobe. Or I should say, frustrated that it is too hot to wear all the lovely things in my wardrobe and I am wearing playsuits, shorts, sundresses and sandals on repeat.

How I beat the high summer wardrobe blues is with accessories and pretty floaty dresses. Handbags are the best as they have no heat factor at all, these are my favourites for adding a bit of zest to snoozy summer outfits.

Ontario winters used to bet the prime period of wardrobe boredom for me. I figured it out -- it was because I couldn't vary my silhouette enough for my taste. It was possible to vary colours and accessories, but clothing for my walking lifestyle was pretty much limited to skinny jeans and boots with sweaters and a parka! And winters, as you know, are sooooo long.

I am not sure I ever fully conquered the problem, but owning more than one winter coat certainly helped, and so did buying a variety of hats/ scarves, gloves. They were my biggest boredom busters!

Now, living in a more temperate climate I feel spoiled! It's so much easier to avoid boredom.

It feels weird writing it down, but I think I'm with Angie on this! Mind you, I'm less of a classic and more of a trendy dresser, so I do buy plenty of new things each season and they prevent me from getting bored. Especially since I've upped my standards for these pieces and try to find better basics (with more interesting details). Since a year or two I've also fought the urge to immediately get rid of things that go unworn. This means I can really shop my own closet (holding zone) when I have those days I feel bored with my workhorses (rarely).
Whenever I've bought things that were actually outside my comfort zone (and not just temporarily like with Synnes growing pains), I never wore them. On off days I felt even more inauthentic in them.
One more thing: I tend to dress with lots of neutrals, but do own several colors. So if I just want to dress more 'fun' I combine two colors that I ordinarily wouldn't (daring, I know ;)).

Oh my gosh, Helena! "Because it's Friday and I live in the suburbs" I am cracking up! *high five*

I like Angie's comment above, "I don't put pressure on myself to make every item a workhorse. That would not be fun for me" - I wonder if I have put an unreasonable expectation on my wardrobe. I want everything not to just work, but work HARD. Hmmm. Food for thought!

I’m in Ontario, Suz, your previous situation is applicable to me I found it is easier to fight boredom in the warmer months. I bought a cotton jacket in unexpected color, found tops in interesting shapes and added chunky earrings. My goal this year was to reenergized my winter wardrobe. I haven’t been very successful so far. Practical reasons beat the creative desire. So far I have a couple sweaters in slightly avant-garde shapes and a couple of long necklaces. My one and only pair of interesting” pants is waiting for alterations with the unknown result. I’m looking for a pair of boots in color or pattern, this will boost my wardrobe. And coats, winter heavy puffers are hardly fashionable and interesting but one can hope to find something less boring.

Helena, I get it now! Thanks for clarifying. You’ve hit the nail on the head:

Give yourself the permission to stop worrying about the items that are not wardrobe workhorses. Enjoy these items for the small pleasures they give you some of the time. Personally, my own style world feel boring without these pieces. And shopping would not be as fun either.

Mantra: Relax into it. Don’t let fashion or your wardrobe boss you around. Sport authentic style.

There are times when I do get bored with my clothes....usually towards the end of our long cold weather months. To start the season I am soooo happy to begin layering and adding cozy pieces. Even with a large selection, by mid April, I have had enough.

Other than that, I always choose to wear something that makes me happy. I am big on happiness factors and even when wearing hospital gowns, I had my family bring me a few happiness factors. I don’t get bored when wearing things that evoke pleasant emotions.

For some unknown reason, I've pushed my comfort zone several times this year and added some pieces that fit "my" fantasy category because focusing on essentials, completers, and statements has been my goal for a long time and I needed a bit of fun. My everyday friends haven't seen me in these items, I wear them to concerts and other performances. The black tulle skirt with silver stars just arrived yesterday and I haven't tried it on yet but it is beautiful. I've worn the WHBM dress and skirt three times each already. The black moto just arrived two weeks ago and I wore it last Sunday with the white skirt. I've got more conservative items that I could wear to these venues, but I'm enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone in these fun items.

I’m a very uniform dresser—9 days out of 10 I’m in jeans and a sweater or tee, usually in a neutral color. I’m not at all bored by that, because my tops usually have some type of texture or interesting detail, and I have jeans in different silhouettes. I use toppers—my favorite item of clothing—to add oomph to my outfits. I have a lot across many silhouettes and colors. If I don’t need a topper, I can add jewelry or a scarf. My footwear and bag wardrobe is where a lot of my most interesting items (in terms of shape, color and texture) outside of toppers reside, so that’s were I go to add interest. No boredom here. I’m afraid I may have misinterpreted your question.

Kate and others - not at all! This boredom buster thing will definitely not be relevant to everyone!

  • some people have very creatively, colourful and varied wardrobes, and thus do not get bored
  • some people have very simple, streamlined wardrobes, and do not get bored
  • some people have very simple, streamlined wardrobes but have intuitively created a boredom busting capsule of sorts, with interest pieces that they draw on every once so often, so they don't get bored
In my case, I have tried to live in Group 2, and then get bored and think I should be in Group 1, So I'm now trying to consciously put myself more into Group 3 ... if that makes any sense at all!

I love variety, and have previously filled my closet with statement pieces. This caused a bloated wardrobe with few workhorses, very few items used on repeat and little boredom. From Angie, I learned the value of clearly defining essential and basic pieces as part of wardrobe management and also defining personal style. I have slowly changed the way I create outfits. It is no longer one outfit per one statement piece, etc. Instead, I rely on a focused core of essential pieces supplemented with statement items to add interest and variety. Therefore, I think my current wardrobe functions most like your third group however, I would not describe my wardrobe as streamlined! :-). I wonder if I will feel bored as I continue to edit and reduce the size of my wardrobe? I want to believe that I will not since I am so content with my personal style and the way it is evolving.

I admit to a struggle in predicting which of my purchases will go on to become workhorse items. I am best at these predictions with jeans. In fact I feel there is a question in here that may warrant a separate thread about which wardrobe items people are best at predicting, how they predict them and even if they can?

I very much agree with Staysfit above about it being difficult to predict workhorses sometimes. Other times easy. But one can get it wrong. I’m getting better- much better at walking away, and sometimes better at thinking it through then still buying, either on a return visit or just even popping out of the store, looking at my list of clothes, etc ( since I mostly buy B&M). I have been whittling my wardrobe size down, and getting happier with it.

Ok, I will put myself in category #1. Thank you for the categories !

Staysfit, amd the penny drops ... Thank you!! *Forehead slap* Yes you are right, this is just like Angie's statement piece vs essential system; I don't know why I didn't connect the dots ... Wheels turning ... Caffeine kicking in lol!

My wardrobe is big and broad enough that I don’t get bored except at the end of a long season, so I have tried to break them up more. I like Jenn’s list of wearing something like a furry (faux) fur or something leather or I can add a new color or color combination with what I have. Last winterI explored combining black and navy. This year I hope to do something with browns and black or navy. I also want to add more color and pattern to my deep winter wardrobe

Another one here who changes up when I’m wearing when I get bored with what I’ve been wearing, so I don’t really “get” the idea of the extra pieces thrown in to change things up. There are some things I’m keeping my eye out for, and when I find them, I expect I’ll enjoy wearing them, but that isn’t what you’re looking for. I have tried wearing some things differently recently, and it’s been fun.

I don't get bored of my clothes, persay, but I do tend to get bored of how I wear them, if that makes any sense. What I need is more "rut busting". For example, lately I seem to have really defaulted back to a sweater and pants. Sure I have lots of sweaters, and lots of pants, so I can look different every day, but it's still a sweater and pants. I don't seem to have the spark to bother to add a topper, iron a shirt, think about what scarf might spice things up a bit... I dunno. I'm sure the world wouldn't say I dress boringly, but I'm feeling boring. I guess this is why I should make an effort to have pieces that are interesting unto themselves.

The problem with this is, it leads to shopping. And that is NOT what I need to do!

I do get bored with my wardrobe, especially at the end of a season. When I purchase items I expect to wear them a long time and so tend to be quite conservative with them, make sure they go with enough other things to earn their place - hah. But I still want to feel current. I think that is where the spicier capsule could come in. For me, it would consist of animal prints (love them but often feel too "loud" in them), more color, maybe more texture like fur or velvet.

I look forward to catching up on all the comments later on, but I think the statement/essentials distinction is key.

This reminds me a bit of our discussion a few months ago about holding onto things that scratch an itch, too:

Thanks for linking to that post; yes you are right, it's exactly that except you articulated it so much better!!

I haven’t yet pushed into my fantasty wardrobe. But suffice to say, my Pinterest boards are mainly unabashed fantasy.

If I could, with no limits of any kind, I would buy the biggest, most romantic beautiful gown ever and wear it to do my weekly grocery shopping. Likely, my face would burn with embarrassment walking through my small mountain town grocery store, everyone staring and thinking, “what the heck” as I traipsed by. But somehow, even imagining it thrills me.

I haven’t read all the replies. But your question and some of the replies already have me asking, why don’t I enjoy myself more and take more risks to be unapologetically me? Why!? Why am I so worried about fitting in, appealing to the masses, and the like? Why not go for it?

Like this outfit. I had a fantasy of living in the 1800s. So I pulled out my handmade hippie skirt from 20 years ago and wore it around the house. I somehow felt ridculous wearing it in public. So didn’t venture that far. But maybe I should have!

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I think you absolutely should wear that fun skirt out - add booties, hat, bracelets - anything you like and enjoy it!

Slim Cat, truly?! It literally is that one skirt I’m like why don’t I wear more? Because I don’t know what to wear with it beyond denim lol! Thanks for the recs!