Hurray for spring and new shoes coming out to play!

Fabulous outfit. I want the whole outfit!
I also bought 5 pair of booties this fall plus got more wear out of the ones I had not worn much. Dark brown, tan, pewter, dark grey and medium grey. The last 2 are waterproof and we just got 5 inches of new snow. I have worn the brown and tan only a couple of times but am glad to have them. The pewter get worn the most. Next fall I will probably need to replace black and would like to add a true white. I have been wearing the SE Petty booties from last year in both bone and putty a lot, as well as the snake version. You need cream/ grey snake for bookending too.

I don't think nothing special about the outfit, yes special, this booties are fantastic and make the outfit to be so gorgeous. I love the white booties and they are on my list of buying. You look extraordinary, Suz.

I have to disagree, Suz. There is always something special about your outfits, this one included.

Your booties are lovely, and I'm glad you now have the chance to wear them.

To follow on to what Summer said....your version of "nothing special about this outfit" is pretty fab Suz! Love all the elements of your outfit! That particular striped top is really nice, I remember seeing it all over YLF last spring when I first joined. Maybe BR or some other company will come out with something similar this year - I'd love to have a top like this.

We still have snow on the ground here and there and in parking lot piles....and buckets of rain a few days ago with more to come, but it's still feeling like spring. I'm wearing these new grey booties a lot already, despite the fact that perforations make them fell a bit cool for early spring.

LisaP love your comment about let's get out of our black coats!

The whole outfit looks amazing. Love your hair Suz. The change in texture is interesting with greying, I'm finding mine holding its pixie shape ( when quite short, first 2-3 weeks after a cut) really easily without product. Since I'm so lazy on hair this is great. Happy for you you can wear those lovely booties!

You look fab as always, Suz, and those booties are really pretty! I'm happy that you finally feel Spring in the air ... I know how long your Winter is!

Your outfit looks pretty special to me Suz. Love the white booties with your hair. Great bookending.

Yay the booties are back in business! Your outfit looks amazing to me too.

Gorgeous! Love the white booties with the stripes! Hip Hooray for Spring!

This looks great! The boots are just the pop to finish it off. Snow here today but it's supposed to be nice this weekend. I've been wearing my booties (dark colors though) all winter and am eagerly awaiting sandal weather!

Great outfit! I love the white booties. I also really like the striped top with the different directions of stripes.

Great that the booties finally got some play - super outfit!

Fantastic outfit, Suz. The booties really pop and are a perfect addition to that outfit. Yay for spring like weather. I plan to break out the R&B gillet soon as well.

Love those booties! I didn't even wear mine once this winter - but for the opposite reason, it was really either too warm or I was hiking and had to opt for the hiking boots.


Can I say I woke up today and it was raining after unseasonable high temps all last week?! And I just put away all my winter clothes!!

I want to echo what everyone said about your outfits never being "nothing special." You always look fabulous. But looking fabulous is nothing. Being kind and generous of spirit, NOW that is something really special. You are special, Suz.

Very sharp, and very you.

I love your outfit and it looks very special to me ! Glad you are able to wear the booties its always nice to wear something different. Here in PA today it is torential rain and quite chilly, we were spoilt yesterday with a nice day. Hopefully it will settle soon and I can wear something other than weatherproof booties !

I'm with you on celebrating the return of spring weather - however fleeting it may turn out to be. Did you get the snow yesterday? Ugh! But gorgeous today and the next few - bootie-time it is!

We're top twins. I tucked it away last year so I could bring it out fresh for spring. I'm trying to keep certain colours/patterns, silhouettes and colour combos for specific season. Do you only wear this top spring/summer?

So glad you're getting to wear them. Good things come to those who wait!

Kerry, we DID get the snow. UGH!!! Horrid. No white booties yesterday. In fact, I couldn't even bring myself to go for my usual walk. Got around the block and went home.

I do save this top (and my other Bretons) for spring/ summer/ fall. It's not warm enough for me in winter. This particular one I wear mostly in spring because it's too heavy for summer and a bit "stiff" for a summer sweater in AC (for me). My other Bretons from LL Bean are lighter and more fluid so they work as cover ups.

You look fantastic in that outfit, Suz, and the booties are the icing on the (upside-down?) cake! (maybe not the most apt metaphor.)

Perfect outfit for early spring in cold climates!

Great outfit! I still LOVE that bag <3

Woohoo for spring booties! You look terrific. I suspect that these booties will get worn often until summer comes to stay. Love the way they brighten the outfit (and I agree that you look terrific!).

Wow, wow, wow! How could you not get compliments on the white booties, they are such a pristine and crips look, elevating any "nothing new" outfit! Enjoy your much wanted white bootie time, they are gorgeous!

And, as others said already, your hair is fab, indeed!!!!!

Very lovely and the white footwear suits you and the rest of your style so well. It makes for a very cute figure. I hope you can wear them more outside as spring settles in. They announce warmer and dryer weather this week, so let's hope you'll be exploring your footwear options! Maybe you'll find you can wear the other three pairs more.

I am so with you about not being able to wear some pairs of booties as much as I would like to in the winter with my winter wardrobe. This is truly due to our climate. We just went through the worst part of it too, so it's normal to feel some style frustration at this point. There are many items in my closet that I didn't wear enough simply because of lack of footwear options back when it was snowy/slushy/ugly/b-cold. Of course I wear the booties and shoes inside, but even so, sometimes I am not inside one given place long enough to justify changing footwear not to mention the trouble of carrying them around, on top of everything else someone has to carry when forced to live indoors, and all this maneuvering happening while wearing extra-thick movement restricting outdoor winter gear. Huh. Glad it's over now! Congratulations on your first spring look, and let there be many more!

Yay, you finally get to wear your booties! I've had the same issue this year, having to wait til spring to wear my booties paired with boyfriend jeans.

Nope: definitely a special outfit! Enjoy your spring!